Khairy blogs?!

Well, it seems like he does. Or maybe a very VERY diluted version of blogging.

It’s more like a website, really, with newspaper articles of what he said, and things like that.

I found out about it at Scott’s blog here. He has a really really cool poster of Khairy as a “monkey blogger” too, in fond memory of a time when he called bloggers “monkeys” that lived “by the rule of the jungle”.

Interested? Visit Khairy here.


2 Comments on “Khairy blogs?!”

  1. Scott Thong says:

    He’ll have to one day, as such a prominent politician and noisy MP can’t possibly escape the BN directive that all ministers must have a blog!
    Ah yes, how could I forget. “Those without blogs are not qualified to be leaders”. 😆

  2. nak tanya sikit…sebagai pemimpin dan beragama islam,apa yang kau tahu pasal agama islam?kau tahu apa tu hukum hudud??apa yang disyariatkan oleh penciptamu??jika kau mengaku islam dan mengikut syariat islam,usahlah kau pertikaikan hukum-hukum dalam islam sedangkan kau sendiri belum menghayati islam sepenuhnya..sepatutnya kau malu dengan tindakan kau yang mempertikaikan hukum ALLAH dan parti PAS yang ingin menegakkan keadilan..Adakah kau sebagai pemimpin Islam berasa malu dengan melaksanakan hukum2 Allah..

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