Ku Li: Vote PAS and Malaysia will have Syariah Laws

Previously, I thought that MAYBE Ku Li would be a good substitute as President of UMNO and Prime Minister of Malaysia should Pak Lah be “overthrown”, and assuming Pakatan Rakyat never really gets those froggies. After all, I was thinking, Ku Li would make a better PERSON compared to Najib. And he was being quite sensible in what he was talking about too.

And then he just HAD to come up with something like this. Pure suicidal.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 — Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah reminded Malaysians that if PAS comes to power it would insist on the country becoming an Islamic state even though it is now part of the Opposition alliance that has control of five states.

The Umno division chief of Gua Musang, Kelantan was quoted in a recent wide-ranging interview with the Sin Chew daily, a popular mass circulation Chinese language newspaper.

“If PAS were in power, their ideal would be to replace the Constitution with the Al-Quran, and to rule according to syariah law. They might even remove the rulers. There would be no rulers as we know them under syariah law, only a single spiritual head,” said the Kelantan prince also widely known as Ku Li.

He said Umno’s ideology is very different from that of PAS and that is the reason it is constantly attacked by PAS. However, Umno will never turn the country into an Islamic state. “Under the Constitution, Islam is the official religion of the federation while non-Muslims can profess and practise their own faith freely.”

Full article here.


I have to say that I’m very very disappointed. I NEVER thought I’d see the day that an UMNO member would be telling the rakyat that having PAS as the government would equal to having syariah laws. And this is not just any UMNO member. We’re talking about a highly influential UMNO member, who’s trying to get enough nominations so that he can contest for the President’s seat.

It seems like Ku Li is taking the role of “backlashing” at PAS and their “syariah law” manifesto. Probably because the other component parties under the Barisan Nasional umbrella are too busy with their own matters.

MCA is slightly too busy with in-fighting at the moment, what with the Spy Squad and all that nonsense.

Gerakan is, well, depressed, I would imagine, after having “found out” that they were beggars all this while.

MIC has sort of disappered from the political scene as far as I’m concerned, but I heard that their President is still alive and kicking, with his most recent “demand” being that the PSD should be giving out more scholarships for the Indian community.

So as you can see, the ones who are normally given the job to bash PAS for their syariah law stand aren’t really free at the moment. They have “family matters” to deal with.

Then it’s up to UMNO to continue this tradition. Remind the people every once in a while about what PAS is going to do to the country if they’re ever given the chance to rule. Scare the people out of their wits. Especially the Chinese.

Speaking of which, Ku Li probably chose to say what he did because he was speaking to a Chinese daily. To get the Chinese riled up. Get them up and against PAS again. Get them to support UMNO because UMNO will never make Malaysia an Islamic state. Support UMNO because UMNO will never implement syariah laws and impose them upon the non-Muslims.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that this “allegation” by Ku Li is one of the harsher ones I’ve heard of PAS. I’ve not actually heard MCA say such things before. At best, they would say that the Chinese would lose all representation, and that they would be subjected to Islamic laws and the Islamic way of life. No more smoking, no more drinking, no more pork (heaven forbid!!).

I’ve never heard of anyone else say that PAS would substitute the Constitution with the Quran.

I’ve never heard that PAS would do away with the Malay rulers. (Is this sedition?)

I’m not getting this. Just when I thought UMNO could go no deeper, Ku Li comes along with this STUPID remark, and successfully digs himself a deeper hole to be buried in.


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