Najib says NS to go on

KUALA LUMPUR, May 14 — The government is to continue with the National Service training programme despite calls to scrap it following the deaths of 16 trainees since the programme was launched in 2004.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the number of deaths was a small percentage compared to the 339,186 trainees who had benefited from the programme up to now.

He also said that 11 of the trainees had died during training and five during their holiday break. Of the 11 deaths, seven were caused by ailments and four were due to accidents, he added.

Najib hit out at those insistent on seeing the programme fail and be scrapped, saying that the people of Singapore gave full support to their almost similar national service programme.

Many more trainees have died in Singapore but the people of Singapore give more importance to national interests,” he said, sending the House into a commotion.

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Excuse me Mr Deputy Prime Minister, but I don’t believe that just because there are people dying in National Service in other countries justifies what is happening in our own country. If anything, it means that Singapore should up their game too.

Having participants of the National Service DIE is not a good thing, and should not be made into a level to compare with. If this is what the government is going to do, then Malaysia is going to be tops in so many other areas, that they don’t have anything to improve on, now do they?

In the 2007 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, we were placed 43 out of 179 countries. So we fared better compared to another 135 countries. And so we’re better off than them, and have no reason to improve on our system, right? So what ACA reform are we talking about? We don’t even need it, since we’re better than so many others.

If we were to look at poverty problems, we would be much better than countries like Africa and Myanmar, right? So again, we don’t have any poverty issues to deal with, right? So then why talk about improving the lives of the people, especially those living in rural areas? They are still living their lives pretty well.

If we were to look at drug problems, I’m sure we’re not the worst off of all the countries in the world. So again, we don’t have this drug problem to deal with, right? So there was actually no need to suggest that women get consent from their family before flying off somewhere alone. After all, we’re not the worst off.

We placed 141 out of 195 countries in the Freedom House survey on press freedom. So we have more press freedom compared to 53 other countries in the world. And hence, we have enough press freedom, and nothing needs to be done about it, right? So there’s no need to repeal or even review the Sedition Act, or the OSA, or the PPPA. No point at all.

There’s the Guantanamo Bay that the US is using to detain people indefinitely without trial or proof. So the ISA in Malaysia, and the Kem Tahanan Kamunting is justified. And so there’s nothing wrong with the ISA, right? After all, if a country like the US who champion themselves with talk of Human Rights can do it, then why not Malaysia?

Is this the logic that the government is hanging on to? If it is so, then it’s going in the wrong direction. This is aiming to be “just enough”, and being “just enough” isn’t enough for us anymore. We are striving for better, but it doesn’t seem to be what the government wants for us.

There have been 16 deaths that were officially known in NS. There are whispers that there were more than that. Some say that there have been more than 20.

If they want to indulge in statistics and percentages, then 20+ would mean a higher percentage compared to 16, right? And what other calculation would change along with that?

Don’t be ridiculous. We’re talking about lives here. Young lives who have a whole lot of future ahead of them. Young lives who have yet to live enough to see the world. They didn’t die serving the country. They died because the government and authorities just couldn’t be bothered enough about them to provide them with the proper facilities.

2 Comments on “Najib says NS to go on”

  1. bow says:

    “There’s the Guantanamo Bay that the US is using to detain people indefinitely without trial or proof. So the ISA in Malaysia, and the Kem Tahanan Kamunting is justified. And so there’s nothing wrong with the ISA, right?”

    WRONG!!! Guatanamo is used to detain captured terrorists from Afghanistan not innocent people like your DPM said!!!It is an umnoputra calculated propaganda to spread hatre of USA and justify draconian act in Malaysia.
    I don’t know if those captured in Guantanamo are terrorists, or if the ones under ISA are innocent. They’ve never been brought to court, and that’s the main problem.

  2. bow says:

    USA does not use ISA to detail political critic like Malaysia, USA is a true democracy not islamic state.Captured terrorist does not have right to fair trial!

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