Samy Vellu: MIC to undergo “rebranding”

I think Samy Vellu has too much time on his hands, now that he’s no more a Minister, and not even an MP. Probably the reason behind why he’s thinking up things to do. Just yesterday, I think it was, he was complaining about the lack of PSD scholarships that were given out to the Indian community, and asking that more be given.

Now, he’s thinking of “saving” MIC.

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC will undergo a massive rebranding exercise to shed its 60-year “old generation” image.

However, party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu remained adamant the move would not affect its top leadership as yet. (This basically means that he’s going to stay, and no one is going to overthrow him. Is he still in Dreamland? He ought to know by now that everyone wants him gone.)

He said the results of the general election indicated that the party did the “right thing but in the wrong way,” by not fully utilising electronic media to its advantage when campaigning. This, he said, resulted in the loss of votes from the young generation.

MIC will also carry the new tagline, “A New Generation Party,” while maintaining its “MIC Cares” theme, with a new party logo, new song, and new uniforms for the women and youth wings.

A call centre will be established to entertain problems, and a new portal to replace the party’s current website will also be launched.

An MIC discount card will also be given to members for use at selected outlets.

Full article here.


I’m trying my best to not laugh that hard, as it’s proving to be quite difficult to type properly while laughing.

What in the world can Samy Vellu be THINKING? Or is he even thinking at all?

New tagline, new party logo, new song, new uniforms? What’s that going to do for MIC? And they’re even going to have DISCOUNT CARDS! Wow! Samy must have been squeezing all his brain juices out to think of something THIS “constructive”.

What in the world are discount cards for? Is MIC turning into a department store or something? So much so that they’ve decided to give out “loyalty cards”?

Seriously, none of the above suggestions that he came up with will be of substance. If anything, it’s going to provide us with some laughs. Joke of the day, perhaps. But it definitely will NOT help gain back ANY of the support that they lost.

But jokes aside, it’s also maddening in a way. Because, like all rebranding exercises, the new tagline, new party logo, new song, new uniforms, new portal, call centre and loyalty cards need money.

Any takers on how much MIC is going to spend? Answer: Half a million.

Don’t think it’s a lot? Imagine flushing RM500,000 down the toilet. Or throwing RM500,000 CASH into the sea. That’s essentially what MIC is planning to do.

Where’s the money going to come from? I hope it’s not tax payers’ money. Because if it is, then someone has GOT to stop him and shoot this idiotic idea out of his head before he starts spending the money on something this useless. And knowing the government, they have a tendency to overspend and exceed their budget.

Is there NO ONE in MIC who has the brains and guts to ask Samy Vellu to just disappear?


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