Lingam Tape: Is the AG the proper person to be in charge of investigations?

There’s been much a-do on the Lingam Tape issue, especially after it was publicly known that the tape is authentic, and the Royal Commission reported that the people involved in the Lingam Tape issue should be thoroughly investigated.

True enough, the Cabinet did announce that they are going to carry out the investigations as suggested in the Inquiry. But before we leap off our chairs for joy, read the following excerpts from blogs around:

From Susan’s blog:

But wait a minute…will anything come out of the 191-page Lingamgate report, released by the government today? Fat hopes ! As I read the news … gone are my high hopes …

Then came another blow … guess who is the AG (who has to investigate the matter) ? Lawyer Haris Ibrahim echoed my exact sentiments when he said…“Good Lord, no!” – coz it’s the notorious Abdul Gani Patail !

From The People’s Parliament:

That second report, though, also confirms that AG Gani Patail is to have conduct of these investigations!

If Gani is going to take charge of these investigations, can we just save the public funds that will be expanded in such a wasteful exercise, please.

Just total up the anticipated expenditure, forget the investigations, and give the money to some orphanage.

Comments from Din Merican’s blog:

The recommendations of the Haidar Commission on the Lingam Video clip must not be taken lightly by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. My only concern is whether the present Attorney-General, given his track record, has the stomach for it.

Patail, I do not know about him and am not sure that he is the right person. Like Haris Ibrahim, I have some doubts about his competence. So let him prove to us he is up to the job of taking on the likes of Dr. Mahathir and the others.


These don’t sound very promising. Everyone is having their doubts(yours truly included) about why Patail is put in charge of investigations. And with reason too. After all, he was the man to notoriously claim:

“no criminal offence appears to have been committed”

And of course, who could ever forget:

“Lingam was in a monologue over his mobile phone and it was unclear who he was talking to”

So this man’s credibility to be put in charge of one of the most explosive investigations ever seems to be in serious doubt.

And guess what he said in the StarOnline:

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said he would go through the report before announcing whether he would be ordering a probe.

“I will study the recommendations in the report very carefully, after which I will issue a statement at the appropriate time.”

Full article here.


So now Patail wants to “go through the report” before he even decides whether or not to go on with the investigations? What gall! If this is the case, then why was the Royal Commission even set up in the first place? He better not decide in the end that there is “no case”, because he will get the whole nation kicking his behind if he does that.

But to quote one of the comments on The People’s Parliament:

Now he will ask the six if they were involved in judge fixing. They will reply ‘No’ and the files will be closed.

As what Mr Smith said, it seems like the only way to move forward is really to just get a new AG.

One Comment on “Lingam Tape: Is the AG the proper person to be in charge of investigations?”

  1. Why only probe the five. The ACA needs to be probe as well for it is an instrument of deceit and evil as reveal in the lingam tape scandal

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