Zaid: Not my idea to lodge report against the press

Everyone is blaming everyone else for something. Either that, or they just say that they’re not responsible.

This case is so clear in the indelible ink issue, where the EC Chairman said that it was the Cabinet’s decision to not use indelible ink, and then Pak Lah refuted the statement, saying that they were merely giving advice, and the ultimate responsilibility was in the EC Chairman’s hands.

But then of course, this is not the only finger-pointing exercise happening in BN at the moment. Or in this case, it’s the “Don’t point at me, point at someone else” exercise.

Zaid: Information leaks can lead to public unease

On the lodging of police reports against newspapers for publishing the Royal Commission of Inquiry Report on the V.K. Lingam video clip before it was made public, he said: “I am not the person who asked for a police report to be lodged. The media should refer to the rightful parties.”

Zaid said the parties who lodged the report had perhaps felt an offence was committed.

It was not my idea. Before anyone can lodge a report, he must have a valid reason. Anyhow, the police must study the matter before they can determine if there is basis for an investigation to be conducted.”

The media should not worry if they feel no offence was committed.

Full article here.
I wrote about the police report here.


See? Zaid is now going, it’s not my idea.

It may, of course, not be his. In fact, many would want to believe that it’s NOT his idea, because he was the one to say that:

official secrets” should be defined and limited to matters of “real” national security such as inter-governmental communications, information from the police and military intelligence, issues affecting public order and Cabinet minutes – “that is, where harm to the nation is actual and probable, not according to the whim and fancy of the government”. – From Lim Kit Siang’s blog.

It’s probably not in order to ask that he tell us, then WHO’S big idea was it to charge the media under the OSA? What is he trying to achieve by telling us that this was “not his idea”? Is he saying that he believes that the press shouldn’t have been charged, then? If so, does he have NO say in the Prime Minister’s Department? Can he not “recommend” some other form of action?

And besides, the police report was lodged by the PM’s Dept, not SOMEONE from the PM’s Dept. So he would have known about it before it was lodged, wouldn’t he? Did he say anything? Or was he kept in the dark because they knew he wouldn’t agree to it?


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