Party? Or the rakyat?

Is this really a choice at all? I don’t think so. As a politician, as a Wakil Rakyat, as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, his first priority is the people of Malaysia. We are the ones who put people in power. And they should always answer to us.

So what’s this about choosing between UMNO or the rakyat?

Another tricky balancing act for Pak Lah

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — Tengku Adnan Mansor is livid, contemplating resigning as the secretary-general of Umno. Some party officials are upset with party-owned newspapers for breaking the Cabinet embargo and parading two party stalwarts – Tengku Adnan and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad – like members of a rogue’s gallery.

And most party members are swinging between nonchalance and ambivalence over the explosive contents of the Royal Commission Enquiry’s report on the V.K. Lingam video clip. So while many in Malaysia are celebrating the candour of the commissioners in identifying Lingam, former chief justices Tun Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim and Tun Eusoff Chin, businessman Tan Sri Vincent Tan,  Tengku Adnan and Dr Mahathir as members of an “insidious movement” that influenced the appointment and promotion of judges in the late 1990s, the response in Umno is one of disquiet.

In their minds, the enquiry into the video clip only served to diminish the standing of the government and the ruling party among Malaysians and was a key factor in the rise of the Opposition in Election 2008. Professor Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, a political commentator, noted: “To Umno members, the Royal Commission is about Anwar exacting revenge against Mahathir. The report is not really relevant to them.”

An Umno MP added: “The feeling in the party is that the government should have never entertained the idea of setting up the commission. Members cannot understand why it is so important and they are upset that Dr Mahathir is being implicated…That is why the PM has to walk a fine line of meeting the public’s demand for a thorough investigation into the state of an important institution and the party’s demand of protecting its own.”

But even before the Cabinet decided that the report could be made public it caused disquiet within Umno. The decision by the New Straits Times and Berita Harian – papers owned by Umno – to publish front-page reports on Friday angered Tengku Adnan, Dr Mahathir and their supporters.

Tengku Adnan’s supporters felt that as secretary-general of the party he should have been afforded better protection by the party leadership and wonder why newspaper affiliated to Umno led the way in lynching him. Was there a hidden agenda or was it an editorial decision by the newspaper to regain some ground after being scooped by The Star?

Still, [Pak Lah] will have to confront some tough choices. Does he retain Tengku Adnan as the party secretary-general as demanded by Umno members or does he choose a replacement as expected by the rest of Malaysia.

Party or public? That is Abdullah’s dilemma.

Full article here.


The UMNO people are still not getting the picture at all. One would imagine that they would have woken up slightly by now, and focused on something other than their own party, and their own interests.

Have they not brightened up at all?

If anyone reading this has any contact to any UMNO member whatsoever, please relate this message to them: There will be no UMNO if they don’t start thinking of the rakyat. What party will they protect, when there is no party left?

I, for one, cannot understand why THEY cannot understand the importance of having the Royal Commission set up, and the inquiry carried out on the Lingam Tape. The report is NOT RELEVANT? Then what, pray tell, is relevant to them?

What good is a party that only cares for themselves? They don’t care that the state of judiciary in Malaysia is in shambles, as long as their own kind are protected. They don’t care whether the government is full of corrupt people, as long as this “shameful news” doesn’t get out.

They just don’t care. Because it is not in their interest.

Excuse me, o’ UMNOPuteras, but it is in YOUR interest to care for whatever is in OUR interest. Because as the people and the rakyat of Malaysia, we are the ones who are truly in power. And in case you were asleep all this while, the rakyat has had enough of your “protecting your own”.

Pak Lah should seriously just go for broke. Why try to balance party and people, when the people so obviously outweigh the party? Does he seriously think that he can get away with taking care of the UMNOPutera’s demands, while sacrificing the people’s wishes?

He’s not going to be there for very long. Isn’t it all the better for him to truly put the people’s interest first? UMNO is irrelevant already. And this is simply because they refuse to acknowledge that the rakyat is where their hearts should be.

Going on the good books of the UMNOPuteras will do nothing for his benefit. Why try to keep his position in UMNO, when UMNO is going to be a gone case? He should do what the people want him to do. Then in the end, even if UMNO truly kicks his backside, he will go down with a fairly better name than what he has now.

And seriously, UMNO should just go fry their heads. And this is not the first time I’m saying this.


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