Dr M: Why I quit UMNO

Excerpts from Dr M’s blog:

Keputusan ini dibuat kerana UMNO yang ada sekarang bukan lagi UMNO yang ditubuh 62 tahun dahulu yang berjuang untuk bangsa Melayu, Agama Islam dan Negara Malaysia (Malaya); UMNO yang menggagalkan Malayan Union, memperjuangkan kemerdekaan Malaya dan Malaysia dan membangunkan Malaysia sehingga menjadi Negara yang termaju di antara Negara membangun di dunia.

UMNO yang ada sekarang hanya wujud untuk menyokong Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, keluarganya dan tindakan serta dasar yang tidak secocok dengan kepentingan bangsa, agama dan negara.

Saya tidak dibenarkan berjumpa ahli UMNO dan ahli UMNO tidak dibenarkan hadir apa-apa perhimpunan di mana saya dijemput sebagai jurucakap atau penyampai ucapan.

Jemputan oleh UMNO dan bukan UMNO kepada saya diarah ditarik balik oleh Mneteri Besar dan Polis.

Ramai pemimpin UMNO melepaskan kata-kata kesat kepada saya dan ada yang menyuruh saya keluar daripada UMNO walaupun mereka baru sahaja masuk UMNO. Tidak ada pemimpin UMNO yang pertahankan saya secara terbuka.

Oleh kerana Dato Seri Abdullah buta mata dan pekak telinga dan tidak faham mesej ahli BN, oleh kerana ahli UMNO pun turut bersama, oleh kerana proses demokrasi tidak berjalan, oleh kerana UMNO yang ada sekarang bukan lagi UMNO yang ditubuhkan 62 tahun dahulu, saya berpendapat penyertaan saya sebagai ahli UMNO tidak bermakna dan tidak berguna lagi.

Full blog entry here.


This does seem rather personal, doesn’t it?

I think Dr M is quite right in saying that today’s UMNO is not the UMNO that was formed 62 years ago. That UMNO was banned. Today’s UMNO is the new UMNO, the UMNO Baru that he formed. Hence why he is UMNO member number 1. Hence why his wife is UMNO member number 2. Or now, they WERE.

It’s quite clear from his blog that he doesn’t like what Pak Lah is doing. Almost every single one of his blog entries have said that, loud and clear. He want Pak Lah to resign. If possible, I think Dr M doesn’t even want Pak Lah to be an UMNO member anymore.

And because he’s been unable to force Pak Lah down from the top post in UMNO, BN and the country, he has decided to quit UMNO, I think, as his last resort. As he said in an interview after he announced his decision, he cannot ask the UMNO members to do what he himself doesn’t dare to.

He HAD to walk this path, if his criticism of Pak Lah was to make any sense. He HAD to quit in order to make a strong statement, and show no confidence.

I wonder if he had any other choice.

But why now? Why not earlier? Why right after the Lingam Tape Royal Commission? Why during a time when UMNO is in distress?

I’m still waiting for his son to take any action, or to make any statement. Mukhriz has always been there to defend his father for whatever he said or did. So I wonder he will now support Dr M’s decision, and also respond to his call to disgruntled UMNO members to quit UMNO together.

It has been reported that Mukhriz said he was “still thinking”. About what?

I don’t know if I can agree with so many people out there who are going “Good riddance”. What he has done has effectively weakened UMNO. He may not be an active leader anymore, but he is still a prominent figure, especially in UMNO. And even if there won’t be many UMNO members who do quit together with him, many of them will lose faith in the present leadership.

Besides, who said he’s going to GO anywhere? If he’s still the Dr Mahathir we once knew, I can say with much conviction that this is definitely not the last of him. We will continue to hear from him, and he will continue to look for ways and means to get what he wants, that is for Pak Lah to step down as President of UMNO, and Prime Minister of Malaysia.


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