Dr M’s plan, and how it can be done

KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has two immediate political goals – to force the resignation of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and prevent Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from becoming the PM.

Today he disclosed his plan to achieve both objectives by urging Barisan Nasional MPs to quit the coalition, become independents and force the collapse of the Abdullah administration.

“What will happen to the BN elected representatives who cross over? They will not become the prime minister because surely a Pakatan leader will be the PM. Pakatan members will also want to become ministers and deputy ministers. How many places will be kept for BN members who cross over. Definitely not everyone will get positions,” he said in a posting on his blog.

But if BN MPs leave the coalition and do not join the Opposition, they will have more options, he said. These MPs will be free to support or reject government legislation or policies or motions by the Opposition.

If this switch of allegiance leaves the backbenchers without a majority, the Abdullah Badawi-led government will fall, he noted.

“The new government can only be set up if agreed to by all BN MPs who have left the coalition because they have the power to decide whether BN or Pakatan can be the majority in Parliament…If BN replaces Datuk Seri Abdullah with someone brave, the group which has left BN can them support the BN and the BN can form the government again.

“This is one way to force Datuk Seri Abdullah to resign. After this, all BN MPs can return to their parties,” he said.

His suggestion is unlikely to gain traction among the 140 BN MPs for a simple reason: there are too many ifs in the equation. For ruling coalition MPs, there is more certainty crossing over to the Pakatan Rakyat than moving into unfamiliar territory and becoming independents.

Dr Mahathir’s strategy also presupposes that Abdullah and the BN government will meet the prospect of MPs becoming independents with inertia. The Malaysian Insider understands that the BN governnment is open to the idea of calling fresh elections if the political situation becomes unstable. And any move by a group of BN MPs to resign from their component parties and become independents will be the trigger point for the dissolution of Parliament.

Full article here.
Dr M’s blog posting here.


He’s an old fox, Dr M. He’s now even publicly pointing out one by one the steps that need to be taken to force Pak Lah down from where he is.

But it’s funny, though, that he should mention: If BN replaces Datuk Seri Abdullah with someone brave… Who would Dr M mean by “someone brave”? Definitely not Najib! And I quote here what Dr M said about Najib: “We see that he is a penakut (coward)”. So obviously, when someone is a penakut, that person can’t be brave at the same time, now can he?

So if UMNO is not to replace Pak Lah with Najib, although he is second in command, then who could Dr M be talking about? Who’s this “brave person”?

The Malaysian Insider is right. There are just TOO MANY IF’S in the equation. And knowing UMNO “leaders”, even one “if” is one too many. Too much at stake.

This is a personal vendetta gone too far.


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