Investigations on all findings on Lingam tape

This is one good piece of news to know.

KUALA LUMPUR: Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail has ordered a thorough follow-up on all the findings made by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the V.K. Lingam video clip, as well as the 14-minute recording.

Abdul Gani said he had directed all the relevant authorities to immediately commence investigations based on the commission’s findings.

“I want a fair and just investigation, not only into one or two issues but into each and every finding highlighted by the Royal Commission,” he told The Star.

Abdul Gani said he had ordered the ACA to study the video clip, which had been sent to several experts overseas for authentication as well as for voice confirmation.

He appealed to the public to give the ACA, the police and other agencies involved in the probe the “space and time” to investigate without any unwanted pressure.

Full article here.


I hope the AG will stick to his guns on this one. Because this would mean that even the “untouchable” Dr M will be involved in whatever investigations are carried out.

But what about Tengku Adnan? He was reported previously that he was contemplating resignation from his post as sec-gen or UMNO. But apparently, the man’s “cool” about the whole issue now.

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor who has been implicated in the V.K. Lingam video recording said he had read the Royal Commission of Inquiry report and was “cool” about it.

The Putrajaya MP said he had “of course” read the report on Tuesday when it was made public.

Asked how he was handling the findings of the report, he replied: “I will handle it myself. Why do you worry? I know what to do. I can’t tell you what I want to do.

I’m cool, I’m okay, no problem. I’ve got to go,” he said Wednesday before dashing into a car.

Full article here.


So does this mean that he doesn’t plan to resign from his post anymore? Well then, would Pak Lah be doing anything about it?


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