SOMEONE admits to being part of the SPY SQUAD, at last

I first wrote about the MCA Spy Squad on May 13 2008, exactly 10 days ago. And God knows how long the investigations on the Spy Squad started before I wrote about it here.

I’m still finding it rather ticklish to think that Ong Ka Ting would actually set up a SPY SQUAD to curb his political enemies, and ‘take care of them’. And I’m still shaking my head at the absurdity of it.

But the issue hasn’t been swept under the rug. In fact, investigations HAVE been going on! That’s a surprise! I always thought investigations that involve the people-up-there would automatically get the “No Further Action” approval. I guess Ong Ka Ting isn’t really that “up-there” anymore.

Well, someone has finally admitted straight out that he was approached by one of the SPY SQUAD members.

(NST) KUALA LUMPUR: Former Damansara Utama assemblyman Datuk Lim Choon Kin admitted that he was a member of the MCA “snoop squad”.

He made the bombshell admission when he testified before a party panel set up to investigate allegations that such a squad was formed to spy on rivals of MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

“I told the investigating committee that what Wong Leong said is true because I also met Tee seven times to discuss how to ‘strengthen the party’,” said Choon Kim, adding the first meeting took place on Nov 4, 2007.

Choon Kim also claimed that in their meetings, Tee told him that the squad operated from the 16th floor of the Youth and Sports Ministry building in Putrajaya.

When asked if there was a possibility that Tee was bluffing, Choon Kim said “No”.

On how he helped the snoop squad, Choon Kim said his role was to set up meetings and introduce different MCA members to Tee, purportedly so that they could be screened by the latter.

The meetings supposedly took place at the A&W restaurant and Overseas Restaurant near Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya.

Taken from Malaysia Today here.


Snoop Squad, Spy Squad, they’re the same.

Well, well, whaddya know. They actually have a “proper office” from which to operate from! And in a government building too! Woot! What prestige!

Okay, I’m laughing now, but seriously, how ridiculous is this scenario?

Assuming this is all true, then it would mean that Ong Ka Ting ordered for the setting up of a “secret” team of people to help him in ousting his political enemies from within the party so that these enemies wouldn’t get to him. But it was so secret that their secret hideaway was smack in the middle of Putrajaya. “The safest place is the most dangerous place” logic, I presume?

What is this? A badly-made Hong Kong action flick?

But one thing to note though, both Wong Leong (the guy who burst the whole SPY SQUAD bubble), and now Choon Kim only admit to having contact with Tee An Chuan. And surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, Tee was the only one that the Star couldn’t reach when they asked the alleged members of the SPY SQUAD to respond. Read here.

Why? Is there more dirt to discover? Was Tee the only one involved? Did the other two do nothing? Was Tee the lone guy doing all the work, and now getting all the blame? Poor guy…

And once again, I can’t help but laugh at this.

6 Comments on “SOMEONE admits to being part of the SPY SQUAD, at last”

  1. wizurye says:

    Dun worry Ong Ka Ting… if you get sacked for this scandal, CIA & KGB will fight to recruit you as their spymaster… Talking about the new Bond movie?? Look no further. It’s in our own backyard! LOL…

  2. tan888 says:

    Chua should just let the police handle it according to Section 499 of Penal Code Act 574.
    He should get on to do greater things for the nation.
    When I was studing in Primary One in a all boy’s school during the year of 1963 I loved to draw cartoons.One of the favorite subjects would be the 50 year old and single English teacher Mary the Glasses.I draw her as a fat, thick glasses,almost bald and almost blind woman having to read pupils’s exercise books next to her nose.One day somebody betrayed me and showed her all the cartoons…There was lightnings and thunders sky came down upon me…Also earthquakes and curse of eternal burning in hell.
    As I was only 7 years old Section 82 of Penal Code stated” Nothing is an offence which is done by a child under ten years of age”.I was protected by the spirit of the English Laws.Being a self procliamed Grand Lady of Highest English Moral Values I escaped the rod.But she cried for many days and my little heart broke every time I saw her wipe her thick glasses of streams of tears.
    They are more than 6.5 billions of people on this earth .Anybody can hurt us anytime.Let the Laws handle it and then just Let it be.Get on with the business of living a fruitful life…Read my blog… prisonwithoutwalls

  3. mami lau says:

    If you go to the 2 star love hotels around Malaysia in the weekends you will see many couples waiting to rent a room for 2 hours. The combination of age can be 16 Vs 20 to 56 Vs 65 to 16 Vs 66 and others.
    It is called ” short time ” service and no ICs or registrations are required.
    Most couples will ” Kaw Tim ” in less than 30 minutes. The bed sheets will be changed quickly and the next couple will be given 2 towels,2 pieces of soap and 1 condom.
    Everybody will cast their eyes down to look only at their feet.Even if you see your married MD waiting there with his married secretary who is not his wife you pretend you ” see nothing,hear nothing and will say nothing ” at all.
    If somebody tries to takes a video of the clients his teeth with be punched out immediately.
    If is because he will be trying to break their rice bowl.Each room can play love nest to as many as 10 cheating couples a day.
    Thus if you want to taste” stolen love ” go to a love hotel.They will have their standards to uphold and maintain for the privacy of their clients.
    CSL learn from me at the grass root level.

  4. avena liew says:

    I learned about spies from James Bond movies like
    “The spy who loved me” Spies are highly trained people who spies on people who are presumed to be a threat to the majority in this world.And James Bond only destroy the arch bad guy,Dr.NO. He will not destroy all the good doctors working in hospitals taking care of sick people..
    e g KGB,FBI,CIA are all spy networks that spies on bad people..
    And when Dr.NO was destroyed he never complained..
    Our Dr.Chua complained so much about the spies who took sex videos of me.
    Make a movie ” The spies who make a sex video of me “

  5. avena liew says:

    I have begin to think that CSL is behaving like our MCA James Bond who is always a super sex hero.He is well educated,tall,handsome and extremely attractive to some types of women.James Bond always have sex with beautiful women who are not his wife.He can have sex on video for the whole world to see and ” He never have to say Good Bye to MCA top leadership ”
    We, at the bottom of MCA feel sad as ” Tomorrow will never come again ” for Chinese pride in this multi racial country.

  6. lee eng hock says:

    I appeal to Chua Soi Lek to come to Sarawak to help us to get rid of gangsters.
    The state of Sarawak has the worst gangsters in the world.If they have reigned in the traditional areas of prostitution,gambling and loan sharking the society would have tolerated them by and large.It is because both parties are willing participants to the unholy deals.
    But the gangsters have moved in to tax the poor folks.They have levied high handed black market taxes on the people.If the people refused to adhere to their black laws they would be beaten up badly.
    The people have to pay 50 cents per gas tank.They have to pay 100 cents per tray of eyes.The gangsters stationed their hooligans in front of all the scrap collecting depots.When some old women came in with some bags of aluminum cans the hooligans would forcibly buy them for half the market price.The same works for scrap iron, plastic bottles,newspapers and all recyclable items.All the lorries that carried earth have to pay taxes to them.All the telephone shops and all places of entertainment are under their control.In the ver remote event of any of these caese going to court Molotov cocktails would be thrown into the houses and cars of the compliant.
    I hope Chua Soi Lek will bring law into Sarawak.

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