The Star editor getting calls from 4th floor about “Dr M stories”?

Is Wong Chun Wai, group chief-editor of The Star getting calls from the “4th Floor Boys” about their “extensive coverage” on Dr M’s resignation from UMNO?

At least, this is what BigDog had posted on his blog. Here’s an excerpt:

News editors now getting calls from ‘Level Four’, for giving too much coverage to former Prime Minister and UMNO President Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s, especially on the shocking announcement to conditionally withdraw from UMNO and how it reflected on the poor leadership of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the President.

Group Chief Editor Dato’ Wong Chun Wai received a call from ‘Level Four’ for “Giving Tun Dr. Mahathir too much coverage for the leaving the party”.

Khairy Jamaluddin, an  ‘officially’ former ‘Level Four’ VIP talked about the freedom of press earlier in the month. He even said the same thing at the forum organised by NUJ in Balai Berita. Then Rembau BN MP even raised in the Dewan Rakyat.

So all these talk about ‘Freedom of Press’ is just purely smoke screen or in better term, “Wayang“, to show that PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s administration’s ‘populist approach’ of so-called subscribing to transparency and so forth where else in reality, its just “Cakap tak serupa bikin“?

Full blog post here.


Nothing has been posted on Wong Chun Wai’s blog on this matter. And there are only 2 possible reasons for this. One: BigDog has his facts wrong. Two: Chun Wai doesn’t deem it significant to blog about it.

For me, I believe the second possibility. Why? BigDog has been very credible with his sources so far. Meaning that he’s been spot on too many times, it’s difficult to doubt him now.

Furthermore, it’s not difficult to believe what he says. Barisan Nasional has been rather good at sandiwaras so far, especially those belonging to the 4th floor crowd. And I can see why they would be upset. Dr M is stealing all their press space.

And Khairy? I don’t trust that man in the least.


One Comment on “The Star editor getting calls from 4th floor about “Dr M stories”?”

  1. Scott Thong says:

    How about

    3) Ignore it, hope it goes away

    Like how Dr. M dismissed his ‘Saya zalim Anwar’ speech caught on video with a wave of his hand and zero explanation. Successfully. Except for me kici fish la.
    Haha. Seen that video. Showed it to everyone I knew too! But I didn’t know anyone actually followed up on it and asked him about it! He’s a sly old fox, that one.

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