Hishammuddin still hedging; Mukhriz in trouble?

Hishammuddin has been rather quite these days, especially since after GE2008. I wonder why. The only time he was in all the newspapers was when he “apologised” for the keris thing. And one or two other times when the issue of education came up, him being Education Minister and all that.

But it does seem odd that UMNO Youth Chief has remained so quiet in the midst of all that is going on in UMNO. He wasn’t even in the newspapers, saying his piece when Dr Mahathir decided to leave UMNO last Monday. Malaysian Insider seems to have an answer for his “silence”:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 ─ When Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein publicly criticised Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir’s belligerence on Wednesday, there were puzzled looks among several Umno Youth exco members.

They wondered if the Umno Youth chief was finally going to get off the fence he has been straddling since Election 2008 threw the party into a tailspin and put question marks behind the future of several politicians including Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, himself and his deputy Khairy Jamaludin.

They wondered if he was going to throw caution to the wind and make a decision without keeping an eye on possible consequences at December’s party election, where he is expected to contest the vice-president’s position.

The Malaysian Insider has learnt that the majority of exco members were upset with Mukhriz for challenging Abdullah to resign as party president and prime minister by July. But several exco members, closely aligned to Hishammuddin, were supportive of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s son. To some of those who attended the sessions yesterday, this show of support by Hishammuddin’s men for one of Abdullah’s most trenchant critics confirmed their suspicion that the Youth chief was still hedging.

Full article here.


Ah, yes. I forgot that Hishammuddin had already announced that he is not going to defend his UMNO Youth Chief post. Which could only mean that he is vying for higher positions, no matter how he denies it.

I guess everyone is being quite selfish, thinking about what would be the best way to go to ensure that it doesn’t jeopardise their chances of getting what they want.

Nothing wrong with that really. But when you’re someone so “high-up”, and having so many people looking and waiting for you to make your move, you’re also hindering a lot of other people. Everyone is waiting for Hishammuddin to make a clear stand, and he has yet to make one.

I think it’s fine to want to take care of one’s self. But being a leader, he would be expected to be strong, and at least show where his loyalties are. At present moment, it seems that his only loyalties are to himself.

So then, where does that leave Mukhriz? He is, after all, going for the UMNO Youth Chief position, the one that Hishammuddin is going to leave empty. After Dr Mahathir left so suddenly on Monday, though, it seems that chances for Mukhriz to bag the top post in UMNO Youth is getting slimmer by the day.

IPOH: Umno members sharing Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir’s views in wanting Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down as party president should leave, said Perak Umno Youth chief Zainol Fadzi Paharudin.

In urging the party’s management committee to sack Mukhriz, an Umno Youth exco member, for hitting out at Abdullah, Zainol said the Jerlun MP should just leave the party if he was suspicious about the party president.

“We want the committee to sack Mukhriz and not just tell us that they are still investigating this or that,” he said yesterday after a meeting with 22 Perak Umno Youth division chiefs to discuss the matter.

Perak Umno Youth vice-chief Mohd Ali Mansor, who also attended the meeting, said Mukhriz was a “symbol of rudeness” and the party’s image could be jeopardise if action was not taken against him.

Full article here.


That’s rather harsh on someone who’s so clearly made his stand, no? In a way, I prefer that Mukhriz has made it clear what he’s all about, rather that Hishammuddin who’s criticising Mukhriz on one hand, and keeping mum about his own stand.

Besides, Mukhriz has been standing firm on his ground about wanting Pak Lah to step down, right from the beginning after the elections. In fact, he was one of the first to ask Pak Lah to step down.

Why are these people only asking to sack Mukhriz now? Why didn’t they say such things earlier on? And what of the others who have also asked Pak Lah to step down? Since GE2008, there have been so many people who have publicly, and not-so-publicly called for Pak Lah’s resignation. So why just gang up on Mukhriz?

Should he quit? Or should he be sacked?

He has made himself very clear that he is staying in UMNO, but with conditions. I don’t think he should have done that. If you’re staying, then you’re staying. If not, then just leave. Don’t say that you’re staying in UMNO until June or something, and that if Pak Lah doesn’t resign by that time, then you’ll reconsider leaving UMNO.

If you want to stay and fight the leadership from within, don’t state conditions for your not leaving. Say something like “I will fight Pak Lah for as long as he is still adamant about not stepping down”. What does it mean when you say, “I will fight Pak Lah until June, and if he still doesn’t step down, I will quit”? Will Mukhriz give up fighting if Pak Lah doesn’t give in?

You know, UMNO is in deep shit. These two clowns are not proving otherwise.

I can’t say that I couldn’t care less what happens to Mukhriz or Hishammuddin, same way I can’t say I couldn’t care less who forms the government.

Thing is, no matter what happens to the two of them, or UMNO, or MCA, or MIC, or DAP or PKR, or PAS or any of those parties; no matter if Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat forms the government, the issues remain the same.

What are you going to do for the rakyat?


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