Gearing towards Bangsa Malaysia

Just as May 13 was a display of a vicious racism, March 8 was a concrete display of unity.

We planted a seed that day and that seed has germinated. Discussions about, and more importantly the very public rejoicing in, the pluralism and multi-culturalism that underlie a truly Malaysian national identity are quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception.

It would seem that Bangsa Malaysia has come in from the cold and is digging its heels in, strongly intent on staying the course.

Those who lead the way must be congratulated, it does not matter which side they are on or whether they are aligned in any particular way. They lay the foundation for the Malaysia that all of us want to call our home.

Umno cannot be consigned to irrelevance. The nation needs a strong twoparty system for the crucial counter-balance that it ensures and the guarantee it provides that no political party or coalition will take a stranglehold of the nation again.

Read Malik Imtiaz’ full article here. This is definitely one of the best Bangsa Malaysia articles I’ve read so far. Read also the comments at the People’s Parliament here. I’m anticipating quite a number of comments.


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