Najib: NS to aim for zero deaths

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — The government is targeting for zero accident and fatality in the National Service (NS) training programme to ensure its success and gain public confidence, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

He has instructed the commandants of all the 68 NS training camps in the country to be more sensitive to the health of the trainees to prevent undesired incidents and fatalities.

“I try to emphasise zero defects for this programme and also fatalities. Although there were one or two incidents, these should not hinder the overall success of the NS programme,” he told reporters after a closed-door meeting with the camp commandants today.

Najib, who is also Defence Minister, said the commandants must also take immediate action whenever they were informed that there were trainees who were having health problems, even if it was just normal fever.

Full article here.


I am slightly at a loss of words at the moment. Najib is saying this only NOW? After there have been about 20 fatalities in NS?

He tries to emphasise zero defects and fatalities?

There have been one or two incidents?

Remind me again, what was the National Service Training Programme aimed at achieving?

  1. Meningkatkan semangat patriotisme di kalangan generasi muda.
  2. Memupuk perpaduan kaum serta integrasi nasional.
  3. Membentuk perwatakan positif menerusi nilai-nilai murni.
  4. Menyemarakkan semangat kesukarelaan.
  5. Melahirkan generasi muda yang lebih cergas,cerdas dan penuh keyakinan diri.

The above “objectives” taken from the Khidmat Negara website here.

I cannot believe that now, the National Service is aiming at having zero accidents and deaths. Did this not come as a package? Did they never think of this in the past 4 years that this Programme has been implemented?

To Najib, were the fatalities really just “one or two incidents“? They were just incidents? And now that these incidents have been so publicised, and you’ve lost control of what others say about your programme, you’re aiming for zero defects?

I’m not hiding it. I’m absolutely disgusted with both Najib and the NS Programme. Along with the other people who are supposed to be responsible for the atrocities that have occurred. When Najib makes any statement that is not towards something along the lines of “Let’s get rid of this monstrosity”, my blood boils.

His goal might be good, to aim for zero defects and deaths and all that, but he has to wake up and acknowledge that deaths and defects have already happened. He cannot just erase it. Not by saying that he tries to emphasise zero defects.

If national integration amongst teens today has to be at the expense of some of their peers, there is something very wrong with the system.

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