Bandar Mahkota Cheras/Grand Saga dilemma

If anything, this should be made one of the issues that we see being talked and discussed about. Instead we have UMNO people trying to oust each other.

I wasn’t too savvy about the happenings of this Grand Saga issue, so I looked it up. The StarOnline has quite a comprehensive chronology of the happenings. For anyone who’s unsure of the events that lead up to what it is today, click here.

Well, this list was compiled on May 10, so it doesn’t include this incident in the list:

This is a video by malaysiakini. According to them, and as is apparent from the video, a young man was beaten for “attempting to run people down with his car”. Because I don’t subscribe to malaysiakini, I don’t have the full report on this issue. There is, however, an excerpt of the news article in The People’s Parliament that I find quite disturbing:

“He asked for it. He ran over a policeman and he got what he deserved”

This is what Malaysiakini reports was said by a senior police officer in respect of the beating that Chung Jiun Haur received last night at the Bandar Mahkota Cheras fracas last night.

The People’s Parliament blog post here.


It almost seems like this senior police officer is saying that anyone who does anything against the police “asks to be beaten”. Like what Ronnie Liu said in the video, the police are law enforcers. Their job is to enforce law and order. They are not supposed to take law in their own hands. If at any time anyone feels threatened by the way Chung drove his car, they could have simply made a report against him. As I’ve commented on Haris’ blog, if everyone who got run over were to beat the crap out of the offender, chaos would be the only thing to ensue in the country. And where does that lead us?

This senior police officer has to be identified. And even from the video, I lost count of how many red-headed people (FRUs) there were, all gathered around a single car, like as if an explosive was going to go off. Even amidst all that noise, it was quite audible that the police were shouting for the driver to “KELUAR!”

If this is the kind of police force we have, there’s something very very wrong with their training. Maybe all of them should go for “temper-control” classes.

And this barricade thing that seems to go up as quickly as it comes down. The residents are being inconvenienced over something that was built FOR their convenience in the first place. And in light of today’s rising prices of EVERYTHING, even time saved is money. Not to mention all that fuel that has to be wasted just to go the “long way round”.

The Selangor State Government has to do something about this. Although the Grand Saga thing, the highway thing, and the FRU thing all come under the Federal Government, it is all still happening on Selangor state soil. If they don’t speak up for the residents, then who else can speak up for them?

If the Selangor State Government can go as far as issuing a statement saying that they are against the ISA, which also falls under the Federal Government, then surely they have a say in this whole thing.

The residents can’t keep on knocking down the barricade everytime Grand Saga decides to put it up. And I think it’s even against court order! Grand Saga is not supposed to put up any barricade on Selangor State soil!


On another note, it’s surprising how quite the Federal Govt has been in this entire issue. In fact, the Selangor state govt has also been rather subdued. The whole thing was brought to this level of notice and coverage only thanks to the residents themselves who could no longer take the Grand Saga’s “sagas”. Why have they kept mum?

And also, the case of the FRUs ganging up on a single resident wasn’t even carried in The StarOnline. I’m not sure about the other newspapers, but I only found out about it from the ‘summary’ in malaysiakini, and from The People’s Parliament. Were they just not there? Do they not know about it? Or did they decide to not write about it because it would “hurt” the FRU’s image? Or maybe they had “orders” not to write about it?

That’s what the Freedom of Information Act is all about. Information shouldn’t come with ‘terms and conditions’. Sign the petition to fight for this act (top right BENAR button). We need to be able to get to all this information, and the media needs to know that they have the right to give us this information. There is a limit to ignorance. We need information, like fish need water.

One Comment on “Bandar Mahkota Cheras/Grand Saga dilemma”

  1. Rakyat Jelata says:

    The only thing differentiate these guys from the samsing are they wear badges.

    If these guys could lie about the fact in the eye of the public, imagine what they are doing at our back.

    Prosecute & punish the aggressors !!!
    That’s why it is very worrying what happens to detainees, especially those under the ISA. The police are supposed to be properly trained, but sometimes things like this happen. Not all policemen are irresponsible and go around beating people, but when cases like this happen, they cannot shirk their responsibility. And Ministers most definitely shouldn’t defend them for something they did terribly wrong.

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