NS trainees get food poisoning.. AGAIN

SETIU: Sixty-seven National Service trainees from the Barracuda camp in Setiu Agro resort, here, developed stomachaches believed to be caused by due to food poisoning on Thursday, barely a week after nine trainees from the same camp suffered the same ailment. Fourteen trainees were warded in the Setiu Hospital, while 53 received outpatient treatment. Four food handlers at the camp also received outpatient treatments at the same hospital.

A camp spokesman said the trainees ho complained of nausea and stomach pains, started vomiting between 12.15am to 1.30am.

The trainees were referred to the medical team at the camp and rushed to the hospital at 7am when their conditions worsened. It is learnt that the source of the food poisoning had been traced to the lunch ate on Wednesday.

The food was catered from outside, as the camp’s canteen had been closed after the May 23 incident when four of the trainees were warded for food poisoning.

One trainee from Selangor said she believed that the chicken curry served during lunch was stale. “The food served tasted bad but we too hungry after attending an exhausting community programme,” said the 18-year-old who wanted to be identified only as Rosnah. It is also learnt that the chicken served during lunch was too spicy while the rice was not fully cooked.

The commandant of the camp could not be reached for comment.

Original article here.


Food poisoning happening at the same camp in barely one week? That’s not good.

Food poisoning is not a small matter. Food poisoning has been known to kill people, because people take it so lightly.

When something like this happens to the SAME camp in such a short period of time, it shows that something is dreadfully wrong. To have 14 trainees warded shows how serious the food poisoning is.

This cannot be taken lightly.

And where was the commandant? If the reporters could talk to one of the NS trainees at that camp, then surely one would expect that the commandant would be even easier to reach. But no, they could not find him/her.

The commandant should be the one immediately responsible to answer to this.


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