University and University Colleges Act to be amended

PUTRAJAYA: Amendments to the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA) will see provisions that are “no longer needed” expunged to clear doubts on the objective of the Act.

Clarifying that the Act was not meant to control students’ involvement in constructive activities, he said the amendments would make it clear, among others, whether undergraduates could be involved in politics.

“There will definitely be a clear guideline on this. I am not saying there will be no politics. I am saying constructive activity, because politics and party politics are two different things,” he told reporters after a two-hour meeting with the Students’ Consultative Council yesterday.

Full article here.


Great to know that something is being done to this act, because it’s stifling for university students. The way I see it, the act is almost like breathing down the students’ necks, and whispering into their ears every now and again on what they can and cannot do.

We will have to wait and see what kind of amendments they come up with.

This thing about not allowing students to be involved in politics is actually quite stupid, if I may say so. Politics is NOT separated from education. Politics is never separated from anything! Whatever we are doing now, the roads we use, the cars we drive, the schools we go to, the amount of fees we pay, the diapers babies use… All of that is politics. Because politics is society.

There is no way politics can be kept separate from university students if the government truly hopes that the graduates come out into society as knowledgable citizens.


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