BENAR Walk/Talk for Press Freedom (UPDATED)

The earlier plans for the BENAR walk has been changed.

Although it is disappointing that we cannot have the walk, the event is still towards free and fair media. Our fight remains the same. If you feel that cancelling the walk shows lack of openness, then you must also know that this just means we have more work to do before we can truly have free and fair media.

The revised program for the morning is as follows…

09:30 am Participants arrive, refreshments served
10:35 am Welcome speech by NPC Chairman, Mokhtar
10:45 am Speech by NUJ President, Norila Daud
10:55 am Speech on behalf of Walk Organisers, V Gayathry
11:00 am Keynote address by Minister in Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim
11:30 am Dialogue
12:00 noon Special announcements: Reading of May 3 Memorandum, Joint Resolution by organisers
12:30 pm Press Conference

Read here for more.


Original post:
BENAR is organising a walk for us rakyat to participate in and take an active role in pushing for media freedom.

From the BENAR site:

From 9 am on Sunday the 1st of June 2008, Malaysian journalists and their fellow citizens will, together, demonstrate their keen desire for Media Freedom by taking a symbolic Walk at Dataran Merdeka.

To avoid problems with security laws, there will be NO PUBLIC GATHERING. Instead, participants are being asked to arrive on their own in ones and twos, show their respect to the National Flag at the Dataran, and then proceed immediately to the National Press Club which is just around the corner (location map and suggested walking route to be provided). Those who wish to do so are invited to wear something yellow, a reflection that this is a People’s Activity.

For more information, go to the BENAR site here.

Spread the word. Media freedom is not only for media, or for the press. Media freedom means more for us too.



The program for the morning is as follows…

9 – 9:45am Walkers arrive individually at the National Flag at Dataran Merdeka, show their respect, and then proceed immediately to the National Press Club. Please DO NOT gather anywhere at the Dataran. If there are any blockades, simply avoid those and find another route to the NPC. No confrontation and no heroics please.
10:00 am Welcoming address by the organisers
10:15 am Keynote address by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim
10:45am Sharing by participants followed by Q&A
11:30am Reading of the 1st June Statement
11:40am Re-reading of the 3rd May Memorandum
11:50am Launch of the signature campaign endorsing the 3rd May Memorandum
12:00 noon Participants take the Pledge on Media Freedom

The map is at the BENAR Site here.


One Comment on “BENAR Walk/Talk for Press Freedom (UPDATED)”

  1. lucia says:

    hey, thanks for your great support to BENAR!
    (the benar logo, the walk button, the updated info on the walk).

    your update is faster than mine. 🙂
    i’ll can only update today after work.

    No problem at all! We’re all going towards the same cause after all!

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