This time it’s high fever at NS Camp

Not even one week ago, another camp was reported to have been hit with a serious case of food poisoning. Now, it’s high fever at some other camp.

KOTA TINGGI, June 2 ─ Fifty-eight National Service (NS) trainees including 33 girls and a woman instructor at the Desaru Special Operations Force Camp, Bandar Penawar here came down with vomiting and high fever on Saturday night.

They were admitted to the Kota Tinggi Hospital at about 10pm after completing a Wirajaya training module.

Some trainees said they began to fall sick after returning from a two-day jungle trekking exercise on Wednesday and it became worse on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, Johor Women, Family, Community Development and Health Committee chairman Dr Robia Kosai said the high fever affecting the trainees was not serious.

“The virus could have spread among the trainees,” she said, adding that 36 of them were discharged yesterday while the others would be allowed to leave the hospital today. ─ Bernama

Full article here.


Well, this could very well have been caused by some insect bites, if it was only after a jungle trekking exercise that they came down with fever and vomiting.

But when we put this case in context with all the other cases of food poisoning and outbreak of illnesses, one cannot be too careful.

It is because nothing was done before when there were trainees who died on camp. Nothing was done to ensure cleanliness of the camps, food and water. Nothing was done when the trainees complained of feeling unwell until everything was too late.

If this is purely a case of getting bitten by insects, and then the virus spreading amongst the trainees, it wouldn’t have been such a big issue. But questions will still be asked. Because NS doesn’t have a very good track record.

It is at times like these that the past plays a huge role on what reactions people have to present conditions. Whoever who is in charge of the camps, and the whole training programme as a whole should see that we are not going to stop making our voices heard about the defects of the NS Training Programme, until something significant is being done.


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