Syed Akbar sedition charge

KUALA LUMPUR: A Sessions Court here has set July 4 to hear submissions to determine if the charge against businessman Syed Akbar Ali for allegedly posting a seditious comment on a news portal is defective.

Former banker and writer Syed Akbar, 48, pleaded not guilty to posting the comment in Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin’s article titled Malaysia’s organised crime syndicate: all roads lead to Putrajaya. The offence was allegedly committed at 2.59pm on June 5 last year at Zeenath Begum Jewellers Sdn Bhd in Jalan Masjid India.

Full article here.


Syed Akbar is the man who was charged at the same time as RPK was previously. I wrote about it here.

I could not find the comment. But seriously, seditious comment? How seditious was it? Can we all have a look?


2 Comments on “Syed Akbar sedition charge”

  1. cruzeiro says:

    Ho Ho – you’ve missed a lot of the “fun”, mate!
    Just visit

    You may find what you seek!

  2. cruzeiro says:

    He has apparently been charged for a comment that allegedly “insulted Malays & Islam” in June, 2007.Someone mentioned that he was the one of the “Club of Doom” fame – I have no idea if this is the case.
    Wasn’t he the one who went under the pseudonym- “muftimurtad” aka “mm2007” currently listed as the commenter -“Penerangan UMNO” in the comment on THIS page – entitled IT IS EASY TO IMPRESS THE MALAYS, at 05/06 14:59:39 with his “batu-gang” comment.

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