So there is going to be free water in Selangor after all

There was a slight confusion over whether or not Selangor was going to get the 20 cu m of water free or not, after Syabas made a press statement saying that there have been no legal documents and agreements yet, and that they would still be charging out bills at the full price. I wrote about it here.

Now, it seems that the problem has been resolved, as it is in the StarOnline today that the free water is going to stay:

SHAH ALAM: Selangor residents will get to enjoy the first 20 cubic metres of water free after all from June now that the state government has agreed to conditions set by water concessionaire Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd.

State investment arm Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd (KDEB) and Syabas sealed the deal in just 50 minutes yesterday to resolve months of disagreement over the matter.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the issue was settled along a plan where KDEB would compensate Syabas RM1.8mil a month for the 1.1 million consumers to get that free water.

Full article here.


It is slightly weird though, that it took them just 50 minutes to get the deal done, when there were months before when the problem remained unresolved. Could it be that because of time constraints this time around, the State Govt decided that they would go for whatever conditions set by Syabas? We can merely speculate. But it’s not the first time that money solved problems. And here, definitely money was the main issue for Syabas.

But still, I think it’s good that the deal went through. This helps to relieve some of the burden off of Selangor residents, especially with prices of other utilities and products expected to rise in the next month or so. But surely another plan should be drawn up for those who live in flats and apartments, as they are the residents who would need this rebate the most.

In saying that though, it would be wise for the Selangor State govt to monitor how the residents use their “free water” after this. Sometimes, because it is free, people tend to not conserve. Water conservation is very important, and I think they should make it something that they keep a close eye on, lest the residents should abuse this “free water” that is provided for them.


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