This is how important your support can be

I got this from Faisal Mustaffa’s blog here.

Watch it, and then think. You don’t have to be someone important to have an important signature. You don’t need to be someone important to do something that can influence the lives of another person. Support knows no difference.

How important do you think the 2,000 people who showed up for the rally in protest of the fuel price hike were? How many of them were politicians or social activists? How many of them were prominent bloggers? And how many of that 2,000 strong crowd were just everyday citizens of Malaysia like you and I? Go to Haris’ The People’s Parliament here to see photos of the rally.

And yet, as “un-important” as they were, they showed up for the rally. They believed in their individual strength. And that’s how a crowd gains momentum. They didn’t have to be important, influential people to know that their presence and support was important.

How about the BERSIH rally last year? How many people showed up then? And how many of those people were normal citizens who attended office from 9-5 daily? Did they have to be important to be part of an important event?

How about the March 8 Tsunami? We didn’t, we couldn’t have known whether we would be the only ones to vote to kick BN out of the govt. To deny them the 2/3 majority. One vote is as important as any other vote. And that’s what caused the wave, the collection of votes by a massive group of “un-important” citizens.

Show your support. Your support is as important as a Minister’s support. Your support is as important as the makcik at the school canteen. Support movements to repeal the ISA. Support the fight for a free media.


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