SAPP being very VERY dodgy

The decision, or rather, statement made by SAPP, Yong Teck Lee, was one major bombshell. In fact, it is the biggest since GE2008 results. The statement that SAPP will support a motion of no confidence is a huge thing, especially since they themselves are part of BN.

They made their point. They told everyone why they would support the vote of no confidence. In fact, they gave four reasons why they were/are not satisfied with Pak Lah’s leadership:

1) That no concrete action had been taken on the issue of illegal immigrants, despite repeated requests by SAPP and other Barisan component parties;

2) That the government had offered no holistic economic solutions to cushion the blow of the sudden hike in fuel prices, which had greatly burdened the people and threatened further hardcore poverty;

3) That not enough attention had been paid to issues raised by the people of Sabah — poor delivery systems, corruption, wastage, lack of transparency and accountability — and that SAPP would have failed in its duty as elected representatives if these issues continued to be ignored; and

4) That the people have lost confidence in Abdullah, and that if he can’t perform, he should step aside and make way for another leader to take over.

Now, to me, the vote of no confidence basically means what it says, that they have no confidence in the way Pak Lah is running the country. Of course, SAPP being from Sabah, it also means that they have lost confidence over Pak Lah’s way of solving the problems in Sabah.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but on the issue with the illegal immigrants in Sabah, I believe that Lim Kit Siang brought it up once in Parliament, wanting to file an emergency motion on the status in Sabah. The Deputy Speaker didn’t allow it. And I don’t think anyone actually stood up for Kit Siang. Nobody from the BN side at least. And I believe that there were several Sabahans in Parliament. So why didn’t they say anything?

Well, what’s past is past, so let’s not dwell in that for too long. But what I’m also curious about is how un-united SAPP is on this stand of no confidence.

Yong Teck Lee is the president of SAPP. And he’s saying no confidence. But his deputy, Raymond Tan is saying that we should all ignore his president, because he was making the statement for himself, and not for SAPP.

So the deputy is asking us to not listen to his immediate boss. How’s that for unity?

And one other thing I found interesting was from Susan’s blog:

Sabah “Progressive” Party (SAPP), you’ve finally lived up to your middle name. Or is it? Or is this just another way to enrich some politicians?

The party announce today that it will call for a no-confidence vote in Parliament on Monday, and on Friday will decide whether it wants to stay in BN or call it quits.

Only that a no confidence vote and wanting the government to give into your demands are two conflicting things.

Why would you still be in a coalition when you no longer have confidence in its leader? And then at the same time, you want this leader and his government to give in to your demands?

What are they thinking? Yong Teck Lee says no confidence, and yet, they still want to “discuss” on whether they should stay on in an alliance that they have no more confidence in. I mean, the issue at hand is quite simple. If you have no confidence in Pak Lah, so much so that you can make a public statement saying that you will support a motion for vote of no confidence, that at least have the balls to go that one more step and LEAVE THE COALITION!

You can’t say that “Oh, we will vote no confidence, but let’s talk about it first. If the PM decides that they want us in BN enough to give us what we want, then maybe we will have confidence in him again.”

It is not a game. Politics is not a game. Today is Friday. Today is the day SAPP will have their meeting on what they will do since their president made that statement of voting no confidence. If after today, SAPP remains in BN, I have to say that they are every bit as flip-flop as the next person.


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