What is it with DAP and the songkok?

I fail to see any reason behind refusing to wear the songkok. No reason at all. Especially coming from a member of a coalition that champions the Bangsa Malaysia ideology.

JOHOR BARU: Bentayan state assemblyman Gwee Tong Hiang was thrown out of the assembly hall yesterday for defying a house rule to wear official attire and songkok.

He was asked to leave after failing to adhere to the 50-year-old protocol requiring all 56 assemblymen to wear the official uniform.

Full article here.

This is definitely not the first time DAP has made the news when it comes to the issue of wearing a songkok. In fact, it is only made an issue by DAP.

Get over yourself already. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the songkok. If there’s a dress code that you must follow, then just follow it for goodness sake! What is so difficult to understand?

You make laws, and you expect all of us to follow them. But if you yourself cannot follow protocol, then what position do you stand on when you want us to follow rules and laws that you set?

Lead by example. And at this very moment, Gwee Tong Hiang is not a very good example at all.


6 Comments on “What is it with DAP and the songkok?”

  1. Firstly to HELL with this Racist protocol of Songkok Wearing.

    Secondly RENOUNCE Your Stupid Claim that malay can be Genetically born a Muslim.

    If malay = Islam, then songkok = malay = ISLAM.

    We will exercise our Freedom and Dignity over the Stupid Prejudice Protocol. We will prefer dignity over a position or post in barisan Rakyat.

    Lastly Go ask the Sultan of Johor To Apologise Publically for his Wrong doing for Murder. Under Islam He should have been Hung. Tell the displease Sultan his Behaviour is even worst than this DAP unknown. Thanks to you he is Malaysia hero like Nasralla. Boycott Stupid Racist Protocol of Songkok.

    We voted for our people to help us Exercise Freedom….and Freedom = Choice.

    Go ask PAS to Renounce and remove Apostasy Law with 2/3 majority in Kelantan First. Get on with life and stop barking over minor Islamic Songkok issues…….

    Freedom is in the PEOPLE DECLARATION…the basis of all Sultan taste of People Power….Rid Malaysia of Protocol Racism….we want choice and freedom…
    I disagree to a certain extent. Sure, we voted for freedom. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to be a free for all. Wearing the songkok is not a racist issue. It is merely respect for the Malay Ruler. When you attend a function, and there is a certain dress code you have to follow, then you follow it. It’s akin to wearing the uniform to school.

  2. Aaron says:

    if you got a balls..go and say it in front of the malay people…you in our country…think where you are and be lucky that malaysia a place you can all home

  3. I got ballls & have already said it, in an act of NOT wearing songkok….and am constantly urging non malays bumiputera to NOT wear songkok.

    Until Malay resolve their genetic disorder understanding of born malay = songkok = islam…..wearing of songkok is akin to submission to Islam.

    I do not want a muslim burial if in future your tricky Syriah tricks use the songkok picture as proof that I have embrace Islam when I have not.

    You are the one who should be ashame to have stolen the rights of bumiputera from true Malaysian Orang Asli and be allowed to establish a Sultanate. They were first here in Malaysia and is it not about time you Thank the Orang Asli for use of their country? You must be shameless robbers!!

    Respect to Rulers can come in many form and not only by wearing a songkok, the fact that I help the poor speaks louder than wearing the songkok in front of the ruler. Helping the poor without wearing a songkok is a better feeling than being subject to a prejudice duress protocol just for a post and position. The Ruler have in someway failed to look after the poor…and I have taken on the task anonymously. Perhaps the rulers also need to respect the people wishes. If foreign dinitaries receiving award need not wear songkok……don’t try to be flip flop and subject law abiding Malaysian to a bi-polar prejudice protocol. We are also the same humans like those foreign dinitaries..the same type as the Sultan….

    Lastly what so good about this Johor Sultan that deserve respect…for his Murderous Bi-polar Acts? Malays can continue their respect for this Johor Sultan…the rest will contiue to be Biadap. Better die with dignity & biadap than be associated with unpunished Murderer!!

  4. iggy says:

    Get your facts right fuckface.
    It’s people like you who have been shamelessly brainwashed to the system that are an embarrassment to the right minded people.

    The songkok is muslim headgear. Plain and simple.
    It’s sad people like you who think otherwise.

  5. Reese Damien says:

    I search the Internet to see what songkok is. Now I know what it is. It is rational to say that it is not appropriate to make it a protocol. If Tom Cruise has to attend the function and has to wear songkok, when the picture comes out in the media, people will think that he has become Malay, Muslim or Turkish. Songkok originates from Turkey.

  6. FC says:

    you could easily googled picture of Jean Todt the director of Ferrari and French nationality wearing a songkok and practising for the award ceremony with Sultan of Terengganu. nobody thinks he is muslim or malay just because of that picture. what a ridiculous thing to suggest.

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