Banned from reunion because of political affiliation?

This I found on Hannah Yeoh’s blog:

Few months ago, I was invited to the Prefects’ Reunion of SMK Subang Utama to be held next week. I just received news that I could no longer attend the function because I’m an assemblyman from Pakatan Rakyat.

Two prefects have confirmed that the teachers have issued a threat to the prefects to withdraw their invitation to me and if not, the event would be cancelled.

I am upset with this. Let me explain to you why this threat by the teachers is so fundamentally wrong:-

  • this is a private function to be held outside the school;
  • every past and present prefect is entitled to attend this event; and
  • I was the Head Prefect for 1995/1996 and was one of the pioneers to start this yearly reunion for the prefects.
  • I am not a criminal or a bad role model. All I did was this, exercised my right to vote, exercised my right to stand for election, to stand up for my generation and to fight corruption. As a young person, I am not afraid to stand up for righteous principles, not afraid of intimidation by the ‘supposedly powerful’ groups but today I am told that I am not a welcoming sight at a function which I championed and fought for many years ago.

    Read the rest of her post here.


    There has to be something seriously wrong. Why should she not be allowed to attend the reunion? Under what reasons? Just because she is a member of Pakatan Rakyat?

    And see what else she has updated on this:

    I have just received a call informing me that a meeting has been held in their school this morning further threatening the prefects and even the teachers – if they attend the reunion, they will be sacked. Some people think this is a minor issue. This is not a petty or a political issue. Teachers who want to attend the function to see their ex-students also face the threat of losing their jobs. Looks like the leadership style of the principal or the education ministry is nothing but suppression.

    Taken also from her blog.

    Is it a norm nowadays to have schools threatening to sack their teachers and expel their students? Surely there must be a valid reason as to why they would want to so seriously ban Hannah from attending the reunion.

    This is the kind of education system that is being promoted. Toe the line, or else.

    And the ministers wonder why Malaysian youth today are not patriotic. Well, hello… Does THIS answer your question?

    What happens when you suppress young minds, and mould them into little machines? You think machines are patriotic? Think again. Young minds should be encouraged to explore and roam the different possibilities that are out there. Why would an ex-Head Prefect not be allowed to attend a reunion just because she is from PR? Bad influence?

    Rubbish. Both this case, and the education system in Malaysia.. All rubbish.


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