2 people sue RPK

UPDATE: Both Aziz Buyong and his wife have decided to sue RPK for defamation. The lawyer’s letter to RPK from Aziz Buyong can be found on Rocky’s Bru2 here.

Among other things, Aziz is seeking an apology from Raja Petra to be published in certain websites and newspapers, the removal of the statutory declaration from his blog and damages of RM1 million.

.. To which RPK has responded as such:

“I don’t care. He wants to sue me, sue lah! I’m not going to bother about him.”

Both quotes taken from The Malaysian Insider here.

A fight till the end, so it would seem.


Original Post:
RPK’s Statutory Declaration has made it as top news, equivalent to, or maybe even more influential than, his earlier article “Let’s Send the Altantuya Murderers to Hell”, which saw him receiving uninvited guests at his home, and being smacked with a police charge under the Sedition Act.

Now, his SD has gotten him into a lot of trouble again. From Rocky’s Bru, it is said that Aziz Buyong has filed a defamation suit against RPK. This has not made it into any news portal as far as I am concerned at this point.

In a three-page letter to RPK from legal firm Gab, Rao & Chuah, RPK was asked to issue an apology to client, pay RM1 million in damages,delete the nsurance doe changes. .
The lawyers have given RPK seven days to reply, or else …..

There is also no news of this on RPK’s own website, Malaysia Today.

I’m expecting that this will be confirmed later in the day. I’ll update when able.


One Comment on “2 people sue RPK”

  1. Dean says:

    Your idea is really complicated. And what is RPK?

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