At least 7,000 show up at Anwar’s rally

Susan said that it was about 10,000 people there yesterday. I wasn’t there, she wasn’t there, but:

According to those at the rally, Anwar’s mood was “fiery”, and that he has delivered one of his best speeches ever. It was apparent that he was very angry, too, at the latest crisis facing him, his family and supporters.

And according to The Malaysian Insider, Anwar has declared a war of sorts on the government of today, Barisan Nasional. Not that we didn’t already know, but it has been reiterated, I believe, with this case.

Johari Abdul is quoted as saying:

“The drums of war have already sounded. This time, it’s not their field but ours. We will tell the rakyat what really happened, who’s really involved…things you won’t read about in the local papers.”

Anwar had this to say (among many other things I’m sure):

“I have proof that a volunteer staff of mine had a personal relationship with the wife of the deputy prime minister and his office,”

“I’ve said the involvement of the deputy prime minister, his wife and his aide…The person involved, in the picture, Khairil Anas, he should be careful,”

“There is no turning back…I will fight! I will fight morning, I will fight noon, I will fight evening, I will fight night! I will not stand for all this fitnah and such rotten things!”

“This is not a question of Anwar, but a question of saving Malaysia. The government mechanism should not be used to oppress the people…but to protect the interest of the people,”

The issue now is about national governance. Other issues…are mere distractions.”

I find little reason to not agree with most of what Anwar has been quoted as saying here. I believe too that the issue is about national governance. I believe that the government should not be used to oppress the people.

I had a conversation with my dad yesterday, pertaining this issue or “political controversy” and “conspiracy theories”. But we have remained adamant that whatever conspiracy theories that have been concocted these few days remain just that, conspiracy THEORIES. If we were to indulge in them, we would see no end, as our minds often can run wild with imagination.

But I have little faith in the current government. I have little faith in the institutions. Whether or not it was the government who came up with this plan to curb Anwar’s rising power, matters not to me. Because the thing is, the report has been made. It is already all over the news. And I would like to quote from an article in The Malaysian Insider yesterday:

Malaysian politics over the last few years does not concern itself with the truth. It is obsessed with perception, true or otherwise.

My perception, is that it doesn’t matter to me if Anwar did it or not. If Najib came up with the plan or not. If Saiful Bukhari was the only person behind it or not. I couldn’t care less if there are high-up people involved in spinning this thing, or whether Anwar had seriously been careless enough to be caught.

But my perception is that the government institutions are not trustworthy enough. I, like I’ve said, have little faith in these systems.

With Anwar’s report on the IGP and AG yesterday, I would assume that these two people would have to be investigated. That is the only way the system can go. Or maybe the both of them would want to make a counter report on Anwar and sue him for defamation, as things seem to be going in this pattern nowadays.

But if everything goes as it should, then the IGP and the AG would have to be investigated. But by whom? They are currently the top two people in the system. So who would they choose to head the investigations? Will they be pressured in any way to come to a specific conclusion?

Also my perception, (and my dad’s amazing “ability” to be able to judge a person’s character just by looking at his face) I have no faith in the IGP and the AG. They have, in the previous months, said things in public which I find in bad taste, and they have done, in previous months, things that I find are, at best, shady. Any proof? No, just my perception.

So when Anwar went to the police with a report wanting to open investigations on the both of them for fabricating evidence, I do not doubt that there is some truth in it. It also means one more thing to me, and that is that people in their position are easy to buy over.

Now, with forthcoming investigations on the IGP and AG, surely the people involved in the investigations will be the people who were previously directly under them. Probably someone second in line. And herein lies personal interest. For it is even easier to buy these people over. For one, the “benefits” of being bought can be huge. And then there’s the added benefit of a “possible promotion”, especially if the orders are to find the duo guilty.

Things like this happen. I’m not saying that it WILL, but they do. Only in the rarest of cases, and the cleanest of governments, does this kind of thing NOT occur. And unfortunately, in my perception, this government is anything BUT clean. Have they done anything to prove that they are “dirty” and corrupt? No, I don’t think so. But the things they have done in the past have now compounded to strengthen my perception.


I have derailed from the intial start of this post about the 10,000 strong rally. It was much intended. Because if I had stayed on course, I would have headed toward a total anti-climax. For all it’s worth, I think it ridiculous that 10,000 people cared to show up to an impromptu rally to show support for one man, but apparently only about 1,000 people cared enough to show support for an anti-ISA gathering, even though it had been planned early on and posted again and again on various blogs. And not even 700 people have taken the effort to sign the memorandum to show support for free media.

As Anwar said, this is not about Anwar, it is about saving Malaysia. But it appears to me that at least 10,000 people feel that Anwar is the only way to saving Malaysia.

Yes, the issue is about national governance. But perhaps, it is also about our society’s mentality.


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