Najib SMS’ed Razak, but that’s not all!

UPDATE: Anwar’s press statement here. P. Balasubramaniam’s SD here.

We know about this one “private investigator” who was hired by Razak Baginda to check on Altantuya, do we not? Now this private investigator, one P. Balasubramaniam, has made a statutory declaration, and he swears that:

  1. He was there when Razak sent an SMS to Najib
  2. He saw the reply from Najib to Razak
  3. The reply he saw read: “I’m seeing IGP at 11.00a.m today…matter will be solved…be cool”

Haris has updated as much on his blog here. Aptly titled, he says “Najib C4-ed”.

The Malaysian Insider also seems to be updating their site pretty quickly. They have said that they will be putting the full SD soon.


Understandably, both Anwar’s and RPK’s sites are totally inaccessible at this point. Not sure if it’s just me, as my connection is seriously wanting. But so far, not only Haris has updated, Susan has also updated.

Anwar Ibrahim’s press conference today revealed that Najib Tun Razak had introduced “Amina” a.k.a Altantuya Shariibuu to Abdul Razak Baginda at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.

Najib had also told Baginda that he had sexual intercourse with Altantuya.

Najib asked Baginda to “take care” of Altantuya as he did not want her to harass him since he was now the deputy prime minister.

Najib, Baginda and Altantuya had been in a dinner together in Paris.

All quoted from Susan’s blog here.

I’m not sure how important a dinner can be if it is true that Najib did have sexual intercourse with Altantuya. But that’s beside the point.

I still have problems connecting to Anwar’s site, but it is said that his press statement is already up there. The Malaysian Insider is also failing on me. All the most important sites are not allowing me to connect!

Where will we go from here?


2 Comments on “Najib SMS’ed Razak, but that’s not all!”

  1. mauryaII says:

    The BN is shit is hitting the ceiling. Soon it will be all over cyberspace. MSM can and will be controlled but can the guilty contain the alternate media?

    Najis as usual will deny everything especially the part which states he had sex with Alantuya. I wonder what the hippo is going to do? Castrate Najis, I suppose if it is news to her.

    I hope Bala, the whistle blower is protected!
    I hope justice prevails.

  2. John Doe says:

    Is Malaysia-Today blocked?
    My guess is that it is experiencing too much traffic to handle. Or it could be hacked.

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