A strike, a sodo-mi case, speculations, and Interpol

I read it fleetingly yesterday on Rocky’s Bru that he would be refraining from posting anything on his blog regarding the current political mess for the next couple of days. I had read before that on Marina Mahathir’s blog that she would be going on a self-proclaimed strike, and simply not write about the current political scene.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, because, well, what another blogger wants or wants NOT to do, is pretty much up to them. And for me, Marina’s “strike” was one I didn’t really understand anyway, because she’s been writing on pretty much everything BUT politics these days, presumably because of the circumstances.

I don’t want to question what other bloggers want to do with their blogs. And besides, for me, being fed-up with the current state of affairs was the thing that fuelled this drive for change, right?

Hence I was a little curious about the StarOnline article that mentioned something about Malaysian bloggers going on strike. My reaction, similar to that of Haris’: What strike?

But I guess, there’s a lot more to this than I initially thought. Susan has posted her view on this so-called strike, and so has Din Merican.

My view? Well, I’m Malaysian, a blogger, and NOT on strike. Should pretty much sum up my stand.


Meanwhile, police have said that they have taken statements from 18 different people on the alleged sodomy case against Anwar. They have yet to get a statement from the man, but would have to soon.

Nothing new, in the world of investigations and taking down statements. But I find it frustrating that the police and “other people” go on repeating the same sentence again and again:

[The police officer] urged and warned the media to not speculate about the case as it could jeopardise police investigations.

Now, I’ve seen this word far too many times. So I’ve decided to go after it in the dictionary, not because I don’t know what it means, but so that we can get a universal understanding of it. The meaning of the word speculate, is:

..to consider the circumstances or possibilities regarding it..

I come to my own conclusion that to speculate, in the manner mentioned above, is human nature. We live every single day of our lives in search for knowledge, for the truth, to know what we don’t already know.

I personally THRIVE on possibilities. Certainly harmless speculation with no malicious intent should be alright?

But I digress.


The search for Bala and his family have now gone up a couple of notches. They are pulling in Interpol.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 – Malaysian police today urged P Balasubramaniam’s to come forward and help them in their probe into his conflicting statutory declarations, saying they have sought Interpol help to find the missing private investigator. Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Bakri Zinin said police suspect that Balasubramaniam was either in hiding or being hidden by someone.

They have also not ruled out the possibility that he may have left the country, and have asked for the help of Interpol and authorities in neighbouring countries.

“I give a guarantee of his safety if he comes to meet us and he is free to bring his lawyer,” said Bakri at a press conference.

Full article here.

The StarOnline has more to add:

Police are looking at three likely possibilities for private investigator P. Balasubramaniam’s dissapearance – he could be hiding out of fear, does not want to cooperate in investigations or has been forced to go into hiding by certain parties.

I’m glad that the police are not ruling out every possibility. But I’m not jumping for joy yet. Because we still don’t know what has happened to the guy. What I hope now is that they don’t practice double standards when they do find Bala and family. No hiding of the truth behind his disappearance.

Speculation/Analysis/Possibility: Bala and family have disappeared. 5 people in total. Disappeared after he made the second SD public, in which he was looking rather distraught. So it’s most probable that he has went into hiding, either he chose to himself, or someone else forced him to. But with his photo splashed all over the television news, newspapers, and even computer screens, there wouldn’t be many places within Malaysia that he can hide safely without anyone knowing who he is.

So then maybe he had to go overseas. Say someone paid him to make the second SD, or say he was forced to go overseas. So then his trip would be paid for. But there would be records of his leaving the country. But then again, it’s not impossible that the records have been erased, right? Because it’s not like it has never happened before.

5 Comments on “A strike, a sodo-mi case, speculations, and Interpol”

  1. Edi神 says:

    we ran out of credible leaders!!!

    Who should we look up to?

    Hantu Laut?

    Only GOD can save msia now…

    Blogger also gone MAD! What will the gomen do if they go strike? They think najib will invite them to Najib house? Stupid!

  2. Kathy says:

    Most of us hope that Bala and his family is safe – somewhere. Calling in the Interpol is making Malaysia look like a circus.

    What happened to our credible and competent police officers and immigration officers? Has the upgraded IT system broke down that all travellers’ records was lost during that time?

    To me all this sandiwara needs to be halted. Enough is enough.

    Instead of us getting suck into all these, can we at least focus on how to put Malaysia back on track – economically and socially?

    The opposition MPs should look at the 9th Malaysian Plan and highlight the areas that are not up to par. Get the answers why during Q&A. Knowing that most of the answers provided by the cabinet ministers are often “nice to hear but no substance”, oppositions need to make it clear to them that they are answerable to the Rakyat.
    I’m afraid there will be multiple sides when we talk about wanting to focus on the “important stuff”. I agree with you that the elected MPs should start doing what they’re supposed to. All this focus on the “sandiwara” seems to have made them lose track of their jobs as reps of the people.

    It can also be that there is less reporting on the goings on in Parliament compared to the wayang we have on the outside. But no doubt, politicians seem to be bent the wrong way these days.

    Either way, I think politics can never be seperated from society. That they handle the politics of this nation this haphazardly, reflects on the exact same manner in which they handle our society.

  3. tempatan says:

    “Certainly harmless speculation with no malicious intent should be alright?”
    Why, of course! If truth is delayed or suppressed and justice is not swift, then speculate we shall for it is human nature!
    Ms Michelle, please continue with your speculations – they make sense and good reading!
    No worries, I don’t foresee myself stopping anytime soon.

  4. ibat says:

    I say when a controversy that scandalise the reputation (integrity, ability) of our leaders surfaces, we should take the ostrich’s approach and be oblivious to the going ons. But even then we would still be speculating in our minds no matter that our heads were buried in the sand. The difference is we will not know what others are speculating and they not knowing ours.
    Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! So speculation is a crime if shared publicly – even if just to seek an opposing view?
    Shhh…there’s the Sedition Act just around the corner!

  5. wandavee says:

    jesus has said: what is belong to the king should given back to the king, what is belong to the god given back to the god……………..hence, what is belong to the LBGT should given back to them!!!!!!! nothing owe with anybody…if we want talk about religion or pious person..TQ

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