Bala is now missing! (UPDATED)


This is an excerpt I read on the StarOnline:

[Kumaresan] said neighbours told him that his aunt had broken her normal routine to pick up the neighbour’s children from school at noon which was very unusual.

Kumaresan also disclosed that on July 1 after his uncle had prepared first statutory declaration (two days before it was released at the PKR headquarters), his uncle had met and given the original copy to his brother for safekeeping.

“He asked my brother, Segar, to show it to me and asked us to just wait and see and watch the TV because he (Balasubramaniam) was going to give a press conference.”

Full article here.

Now, this is seriously becoming murkier and murkier. What has happened to him?

For his entire family to disappear is no small thing. Did he fear for his safety, and hence went into hiding? Kumaresan doesn’t think so.

If not, then has something happened to him? Or is he being held up somewhere else?

That the children were pruposely picked up from school early is something to take note of. Why were they in such a hurry? Where to?

And that Bala gave the original SD to his nephew, and also telling them to watch the TV is something worth pondering over. Would a man who made a false declaration under oath, under duress, hand over that piece of false declaration to someone else for “safekeeping”? I don’t think so. If he had been forced to sign papers he didn’t wish to, he wouldn’t have told his nephews to keep a look out for him on the television. You don’t advertise something you’re not proud of.

But for now, no matter whether he went into hiding himself, or was forced to take flight, I pray that him and his family are safe and not subjected to any sort of threat or abuse.


Original post:

Seems like Bala has been in the news non-stop since the press conference on July 3rd.

FIrst, it was the explosive SD. And then another explosive retraction of the first SD by means of a second SD.

And now, Bala, his wife, and his three children are missing.

A family member, R. Kumaresan, lodged a report at the Brickfields police station this afternoon, saying that the private investigator, his wife and their three children have disappeared from their home in Rawang.

From the Malaysian Insider here.

Kumaresan, who is the nephew of Bala, said that Bala and family have not been seen since after the second Press Conference of the Second SD.


The Malaysian Insider article ends like this:

This latest twist is going to make an already messy situation worse and give credence to claims by the Opposition that Balasubramaniam felt compelled to revise his statutory declaration because he and his family had been threatened.

I would say I agree.

Even the police don’t know where he is.

We have no idea where he is and we appeal to anyone who knows of his whereabouts to contact us and this includes his lawyer who was last seen with him. – Deputy IGP

From the StarOnline here.


My bets are that he was threatened after making the first SD to retract it, and make a second SD to say that he made the first one under duress. And my bets are also that after making the second SD, he was again threatened to “disappear” and not meet up with anyone who can possibly question his reasons for retracting the first SD, or to change his mind, or to find out about what was happening behind.

But, purely my bets. I will see what else there is in the newspapers tomorrow.

*I pray that Bala and his family are safe.


4 Comments on “Bala is now missing! (UPDATED)”

  1. Kathy says:

    I too hope that Bala and his family is safe somehwere, anywhere. This is dark times.

    My mother-in-law who happens to be 70 years old, figured out while watching the newsflash on Ntv 7 that Bala and his family must have been threatened, for him to retract the earlier SD.

    Everyone knows (but does not talk out loud about it).

  2. bennyloh says:

    After the first SD, he was in a haste…you could tell he was


  3. tempatan says:

    Ha! For all you know he & his family were probably offered millions and a safe haven overseas.
    That is probably the best that can happen for Bala and family. I only hope that his integrity was not to be bought over that easily. We will have to wait and see, because Bala has to be found to answer to questions.

  4. idris says:

    The suggestion to disappear was make from the top people. This is to stop Bala as an evidence in this case.All Malaysian know.Malaysian is not stupid.I disappointed about this matter.Malaysian leader must step down if Bala ,Wife and children not found. Tanks

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