Malaysia Today up and running

I’ve been unable to get into the website these past few days, some of you may have been experiencing the same problem. Looks like they’ve got it rectified, but with a slight change in the URL. RPK’s website can now be found here.

And his first update under “The Corridors of Power” talks about the events that have taken place in the past week, concentrating on the allegations and accusations being thrown around wildly, but targetted sharply at both Anwar and Najib.

RPK, it seems, has proclaimed one man to be the winner in this recent spat:

I might not like Abdullah but I must certainly admire his skills. He looks stupid, he talks stupid, he acts stupid, but a man who can make you think he is stupid is actually cleverer than you.

Yes, it looks like Abdullah will still be Umno President and Prime Minister of Malaysia come Christmas. I would not have said this three weeks ago but today I say this with confidence. And while Najib and Anwar finish each other off, Abdullah is giggling in the background and choosing the Christmas tree that he will erect in Putrajaya come December.

Well done, Pak Lah. Brilliant moves. Now let’s see how Najib and Anwar extricate themselves from the mess they are currently in.

His entire take on it here.


2 Comments on “Malaysia Today up and running”

  1. Let's think says:

    Analysis – Sodomy Allegation and SDs; Who the real conspirators are? The invincible and power 3rd party behind all this?

    Let’s track the issue and see if we can detect who the real conspirators are likely to be.
    Anwar’s people accuse Najib as being the conspirator in the sodomy allegation, and vice versa i.e. Anwar’s people meanwhile being accused of masterminding the statutory declarations (SD) implicating Najib.
    But is there a possibility that there is an invisible yet powerful third party who is conspiring to ignite a war between Anwar and Najib?
    Let’s find out.
    1) It would be extremely foolish for Najib to meet Saiful at the comfort of Najib’s residence barely a few days before Saiful’s police report was leaked to the media, if Najib is really part of the conspiracy to smear Anwar. And I don’t think Najib is that foolish. It looks more as though Najib is being set-up by a third party.
    2) Why would Saiful would want to meet Najib first before lodging a police report? Who suggested to Saiful to meet Najib and who facilitated his meeting with Najib? The same third party?
    3) How come it wasn’t the police but Anwar that leaked Saiful’s police report to the media? Who gave such info to Anwar? The same third party?
    4) A photo of Saiful and Najib’s aide, and photos of Saiful with 3 other Ministers appeared on the internet in the middle of the night i.e. within hours of Anwar’s press conference. Is it the same third party, who has a ‘file’ on Saiful who sent such photos to Anwar’s camp in order to link Najib to the accusation?
    5) Anwar claimed to have recently obtained some evidence linking the IGP and AG to some wrongdoings. Again, the same third party sent that dossier to Anwar?
    6) Balasundram claimed that he made the 1st SD under duress. Is it the same third party that forced Bala to make that 1st SD?
    7) Anwar claims the DPM’s office is plotting to assassinate him. Who feed him such ridiculous info? The same third party again?
    [Balasubramaniam’s retraction statutory declaration was affirmed before commissioner of oaths Zainal Abidin Muhayat, bearing an address that has been traced to Zul Rafique & Partners – a pro-establishment law firm owned by Zulkifly Rafique who is Federal Territories minister Zulhasnan Rafique’s brother. Raja Petra has many articles on this legal firm]

    An invisible and powerful third party behind all the above?
    Think about it.
    Now, assuming if Anwar’s sexual tendencies is true as alleged (even 10 judges agreed with that. See
    1) Dr M: Court ruling doesn’t mean Anwar didn’t do it

    2) “If we count, we will find that all the 10 judges who heard the case of Anwar sodomising Azizan (Abu Bakar, his former family driver) agreed that Anwar committed sodomy, although the two (judges) used technical reasons to not find him guilty,” he said in his blog Che Det.

    i) Is it a possibility that Saiful (being a jambu..) is being ‘planted’ in Anwar’s office as a way to ‘induce and trap’ Anwar (even without Saiful realising he is being used) by the same third party? (Well,one way is to find out from Saiful who suggested to him and facilitated his entry into Anwar’s office).
    2) Is there a possibility that there sodomy case did happen as alleged (as it was a trap laid by the third party using Saiful even without the latter’s knowledge), and its exposure is however being manipulated to link to Najib (again, by the same third party)? So that a war will ignite between Anwar and Najib?
    No doubt such exposure at the end of the day is putting the Government in a bad light, thanks to Anwar’s powerful spin and propaganda machine. No doubt Paklah as the head of the Govt is the one affected since confidence in his Govt is being eroded by claims of conspiracy and link to a murder case etc.
    But such bad publicity for the Govt has no immediate and tangible impact at all since the next general election is 4-5 years away!
    Having said that, however, if we were to compare between Paklah, Najib and Tun Dr. M, the impact of such allegations (both alleged sodomy and SD linking to Altantuya’s murder) have varying effect on the three of them, with Paklah being the least affected!
    The mainstream media is having a full day recapping the recent sodomy allegation to the 1998 sodomy charge against Anwar; implying that a political conspiracy was hatched by the previous Administration at that time, . thus putting Tun in a bad light. Even the IGP and AG are now accused by Anwar to be part of the conspirators back then.
    At the same time, the Statutory Declarations (By Bala and RPK) gave bad publicity to Najib.
    Despite all these, notice that Anwar (through Wan Azizah) actually met Paklah to seek help and assurance from him. So in essence, Paklah personally is not affected (in the court of public opinion) at all by those allegations. But Najib and Tun, yes.
    Assuming that there is indeed an invisible and powerful third party which plotted and hatched the conspiracies to pit the two camps (Anwar’s and Najib’s) with each other, what is their main motive then?
    Well, one can’t help but notice that the ONLY major political event coming up is the UMNO elections due at the end of the year!
    With UMNO’s divisions in at least four states, UMNO’s Management Committee (Najib, Muhyiddin, Rafidah, Hishamuddin and Noraini) and even the majority of Supreme Council members putting strong pressure on Paklah to step down, Paklah’s position looks increasingly untenable. Judging from the mood on the ground, there are even talks that some forces are hatching that Paklah won’t get enough nominations from UMNO divisions to even qualify to run as President!
    Since Najib has indicated that he hasn’t decided whether to contest the presidency (thus implying that he is open to being nominated as President), the real battle taking place now is actually on the ground in UMNO’s over 200 division. And not in the media!
    The only way (that the conspirators think?) for Paklah to survive politically is to ensure that ‘dirt’ sticks on his successor hoping that either one of these two things may happen;
    1) Najib may succumb due to the pressure and declare publicly (or even privately to the Divisions) that he will not accept nominations to the post of President (Who knows maybe the ‘attacks’ on him may stop after that?)
    2) Even if he does not do that and willing to be nominated instead, the bad publicity from those allegations (they hope) may deter UMNO Divisions from nominating him as President since he is tainted.
    Makes sense?
    Now, isn’t it clear from the analysis above that the third party (if it exists) is not only pitting Anwar against Najib, but is also ‘screwing’ both of them as well?
    Isn’t it clear that Tun Dr. M’s name is also being dragged in the mud as well from the sodomy allegations? (kiling two birds wil one stone, eh?)
    Isn’t it clear that the clear winner in both cases is actually Paklah? Mere coincidence?
    Now the question is – At the end of the day, will we actually get to know the truth what happened in both cases (sodomy allegation against Anwar & Altantuya murder case)?
    Or a round of deception for political expediency will take place, yet again?

  2. tempatan says:

    And the winners are……….the 4th floor boys!

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