Najib: Rally a failure. Samy: Vignes a failure

PUTRAJAYA, July 7 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak has described the “One Million People Protest Rally” organised by the opposition in Petaling Jaya yesterday as a failure because of the poor turnout.

The deputy prime minister said the rally had failed to achieve its target of 1 million people.

“The people did not turn up in the numbers expected. Only the hardcore supporters were there,” he told reporters after launching the Settlers Day celebration at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre today.

Najib said demonstrations were not the way to solve problems because they only served to vent one’s feelings and did not offer realistic and practical solutions.

Full article here.

Never thought I’d say this, but Najib is right. Demonstrations are not the way to solve problems.

Hence why nobody said that the protest rally was held to solve the problem of the recent fuel price hike. Who said anything about solving problems? The rally was so that the people could show their protest. So that the people could show their discontent. People Power yesterday was not about solving problems, it was about expressing our concerns.

He said the rally failed, because it didn’t achieve the target of 1 million people. I wasn’t there, I don’t know. But from what I’ve read so far, the rally started at 10 am, ended at 12 midnight. So it was a whole day sort of thing. The Stadium had a capacity of around 20,000. The stadium was around half-full some of the time, a quarter full most of the time.

If the initial target was for 1 million people to be there simultaneously at any one time, then they surely didn’t meet their target at all. But if the target was that 1 million people would attend the rally throughout the entire day, then maybe they did achieve it.

Successes and failures of rallies do not depend solely on whether they hit the target or not. I think it depends on whether there was a good turnout, and whether there was a strong show of support for the rally or not. In this case, I’m not in a position to say. Some have called it a success, some have said they were disappointed.

But a failure? I’m not so sure.


On the other hand, we seem to have failures abound. Samy Vellu has called ex-MIC Youth Chief a failure:

KUALA LUMPUR: Former MIC Youth chief S.A. Vigneswaran was good at chairing meetings but failed to come up with clear programmes and policies to uplift Indian youths, said party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu yesterday.

In his first attack after his former protege asked him to step down, Samy Vellu said Vigneswaran had failed in his responsibilities, as there were more cases of Indian youths involved in juvenile problems and murders reported in the newspapers.

“He (Vigneswaran) should have focused his attention on the problems faced by the Indian youth apart from resolving the problems within the MIC Youth,” he told reporters after the joint opening of the MIC Wanita, Youth, Puteri and Putera MIC wings’ annual general assembly.

Full article here.

Vignes has had a falling out with Samy lately, especially since he was “forced” to relinquish his post as Youth Chief because he went over the age limit of 41. Vignes quit MIC, and has said that he is not going to rejoin MIC until and unless Samy steps down.

Sound familiar? Seems like the “in” thing to do these days. Dr Mahathir has made himself a trendsetter. Although he would much prefer that it is the UMNO members who follow this trend.

But Samy is pushing the limit here a bit. Vignes is a failure (so Samy says), because “there are more cases of Inidan youths involved in juvenile problems and murders”.

So… It’s all Vignes’ fault, and has nothing to do with Samy, because Samy is president of MIC, his concerns are with the “adult problems”?

Vignes was Youth Chief, so Samy says that he “should have focused his attention on the problems faced by the Indian youth”. So Samy is MIC President, he should focus his attention on the problems faced by Indian adults?

I’m at a loss. Because Samy seems to be pushing the blame of the problems of Indian youth on Vignes. So then of course Wanita MIC takes care of the Indian women. Putera and Puteri MIC should be taking care of the Indian males and females. So then where lies Samy’s responsibilities? What does he do? What would be his fault?

Wait. Nothing is his fault, because nothing is his responsibility. That’s why he’s still MIC President. Because nothing is his fault, he cannot be blamed, and therefore making him the only person who cannot be called a failure.


One Comment on “Najib: Rally a failure. Samy: Vignes a failure”

  1. tempatan says:

    Rakyat: Government a failure.
    Nice one, tempatan.

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