RPK: It’s all in the game

This has got to be the best of his writings that I have read. I have been slightly swayed of late, I have to admit, by what seems like strong supporters of either sides of the political mess, that I was slightly uncertain as to whether I had to make a clear stand of whether I’m anti-BN or pro-BN for me to make comments.

I’ve said it before, I believe in the fight, I believe in the cause. Not the person or party who is doing it.

I’m not anti-BN. I’m just anti-corruption.
I’m not pro-PR. I’m just pro-Bangsa Malaysia.
I’m not pro-RPK either. I’m just pro-freedom of expression.

Glad I made that clear, to both my readers and myself.

An excerpt from RPK’s post:

It is dangerous to support someone for personality cult reasons. You only support his or her cause or stand. And if his or her cause dovetails with yours, well and fine. If not, then you must be matured and civilised enough to disagree, while continuing to respect his or her cause or stand, in spite of it being opposite to yours. In that same spirit, you may not like that person, but if his or her cause is the same as yours, you must be able to see eye-to-eye only as far as the cause or stand is concerned, while you can agree to disagree on all other issues which you feel are contrary to yours.

Read all he says here.


3 Comments on “RPK: It’s all in the game”

  1. bangmalaysia says:

    Spot on Michelle. I share the same sentiments as you.


    Thanks for making things clearer.
    No worries. We all need a little reminding every once in a while.

  2. Apajadi says:

    1 am 100% agree with these 2 paragraphs which I extracted from RPK.

    But why we have become so gullible especially the visible conflict among bloggers now (who supposedly champion for press freedom).

    I am never a fan of Najib and Anwar. But look at the phenomena now.

    Why have our mind been conditioned now so easily to believe the Mongolian story with spicy C4 notion linking to DPM while we so vehemently pronounce that the sodomy allegation on Anwar is conspiracy again?

    Extract from RPK:

    “How narrow-minded these people are. If you are with me, then you are a great guy. But if you are with the ‘other side’, then you must have sold out for money. Why is it if I openly express my support for Anwar then I am a great guy? Could it not be I am supporting Anwar because I have been paid a lot of money? Why when I support Anwar I am doing it free-of-charge and for a cause, but if I support Mahathir instead, then it can only be for money and for no other reason. Can’t I also support Anwar and ‘sell my soul’ to Anwar for money as well? But, no! If I support Anwar it can never be for money. It can only be for the cause. Only if I support Mahathir can it be for money.

    Actually, I do not support either Anwar or Mahathir. The personalities are not who I support. I support the issues. And that is what all our readers should do as well: support the issues, not the person. People come and go. People change. People ‘cross over’. How can we support one person and then oppose that person when he or she changes his or her stand. If we support the person, then we should support the person all the way, even when that person crosses over. The fact that we will abandon someone when that person changes his or her stand or crosses over means we do not support him or her as such but only what he or she stands for.”

    Trust no politician,
    Trust no mainstream media
    Trust no bloggers
    It remains a personal choice to trust or not to trust. But don’t just take my word for it.

  3. tempatan says:

    But most of us ordinary folk just tend to support a certain cult / personality don’t we, without understanding the cause he or she stands for (if at all there is a genuine one)? This fact is too often exploited by politicians. Just take a look at comments at one of our former PM’s sites and you will know what I mean. I think from time immemorial politicians have rarely religiously fought for their stand – you could perhaps enumerate them. Their ‘struggle’ becomes too personal,while involving the rakyat as well, in their quest for power. Will we always be so gullible?
    You have a point. Not always are we able to distinguish between the “real” cause, and the “alleged” cause. But I trust taking a step or two back every once in a while does help one to “see the big picture”, so to speak.

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