Saiful’s Friendster challenge

UPDATE: (That is, if you can even call it one)

The StarOnline today reports that an email was sent to TV3 yesterday about the challenge that he posted on Friendster. So maybe he’s serious about the challenge after all.

But still… Friendster?


Original post:

Now, forgive me if you find this in bad taste, but I simply cannot stop laughing at the absurdity of this! When I saw the title of one of the StarOnline articles that went: “Saiful dares Anwar to swear”, I honestly thought the young man finally put a brave front and came out to the open to defend himself.

So I clicked in to see what Saiful would have to say to Anwar. I was expecting a fiery quote or two in the article.

But, alas, it was not to be. I was instead, led to Saiful’s fiancee’s blog, one which I have refrained from going to since it was alluded to at the beginning of this incident. If you’re curious to see what she has to say in her blog of only 3 posts, go HERE.

And then from there, I was again led off to Saiful’s Friendster profile.

This is a screenshot of what his Friendster profile looks like. And in case you can’t actually see the “challenge”, I have it in text right here:

“Wahai Anwar MUNAFIK!! Aku cabar kau BERMUBAHALAH!! Tetap kan tempat dan waktu! Aku AKAN datang!! Yang HAK pasti berdiri. Yang BATIL pasti jatuh!! Aku tidak GENTAR!! ALLAHHUAKBAR!!”

I don’t know about you, but I find this extremely childish. This is not about a challenge to a computer game, or a challenge to a basketball match. This is about his pride, his dignity, his own fate. Is it not?

If he wants to be taken seriously, I suggest he take himself seriously. If he thinks this kind of lepas stim is going to be of ANY use at all, he has something else coming his way.

To put a challenge to Anwar Ibrahim on Friendster? Is he serious?

I know he’s under police protection and all that, but the least he can do if he’s serious about wanting to challenge Anwar to swear on the Qu’ran is make a press statement. Or issue one if he’s not going to hold a press conference. At least make it big, make it national news, make it worthy of a challenge.

It’s either he SERIOUSLY thinks that Friendster is the entire world (and believe me, there are people out there who think the world revolves around sites like Friendster and FaceBook), or he doesn’t actually want to issue a challenge to Anwar.

Either way, he has just written off the last bit of patience I had for him. If he’s not going to take this issue, and himself seriously, I don’t expect myself to do it for him.

5 Comments on “Saiful’s Friendster challenge”

  1. tempatan says:

    Somebody please tell me why I am reminded of Power Rangers, Power Puff Girls and the likes (my apologies to PR & PPG – no insult intended)
    I think I get Power Rangers.. But the Power Puff Girls? You have me lost there..

  2. Anon says:

    Stumbled upon this site but believe me, it is worth checking it out:

  3. Kathy says:

    The Ulama should just book Saiful’s time as well as Anwar’s to meet up face-to-face and sort this thing out. No use to issue a useless challenge and it is more ridiculous for Star Newspaper to do a write up on this.

    There are more urgent news and information that the people needs to know than all these distraction. What are the reporters doing? No real news to write and report?
    I don’t think they now the difference between real news and tabloid news anymore. At least, most of them.

  4. 2 cents says:

    email? sent by saiful? me thinks it’s probably somebody else who did all these cloak and dagger challenges..dont think he is smart enough to throw such a challenge..

  5. awesomej says:

    he tries “some kind of hard” to prove himself..
    last front photos he put is “at mount Hira’, Macca”

    what is that.. you dont have to prove yourself thaaat way..


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