Bala; Lost and Found

Well, sort of found, I think.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 – Missing private investigator P. Balasubramaniam and his family are hiding in a neighbouring country, the police confirmed yesterday.

Meanwhile, his nephew, K Kumaresan, said that Balasubramaniam contacted him on Monday night to say that he was well. He also managed to speak to the private investigator’s wife during the two-minute conversation.

“I don’t know where they are. The call came through my mobile phone. I am just relieved that they are still alive, ” he said.

Full article here.

Somehow I don’t get it, but the StarOnline seems to be having slightly more “news” than the Malaysian Insider these days:

Sources said police here with the help of Interpol traced his whereabouts to an Asean country but declined to name it or say when he would be brought back.

It is learnt that the private investigator is fine and left the country on his own accord, contrary to reports and rumours that police were behind his sudden disappearance.

Full article here.

Ah… so they’re “found” him, but not telling us where he is. He’s in an ASEAN country, and they had to use Interpol to find him. He left on his own accord, and the immigration department couldn’t even go through their records to see when he left and to where?

They had to use INTERPOL to find a man with a wife and three children tagging along. 5 people means 5 passports. Meaning the Immigration Dept should have found their records and details of departure from the country quite easily. Or am I to believe that we aren’t that “savvy” after all? That our RM300 passports with “modern micro-chip technology” actually carry no function.

So now I have a question for them. Bala’s nephew, Kumaresan was the person to lodge the missing person’s report. And now that they have “found” him, shouldn’t Kumaresan be told of Bala’s location?

Keep the information from all of us, if that is what you wish. But surely the person who lodged the report has the right to know all the details of this “search”.


6 Comments on “Bala; Lost and Found”

  1. Edi神 says:

    Bala is in singapore!

    how him, his wife & three children slip out the immigration is amazing!

    We needed interpol to trace them???
    He’s in Singapore?

  2. tempatan says:

    Perhaps immigration records went missing…
    If they did, I wonder how he’ll come back. Because “technically”, he never left.

  3. Where they are right now safely is not so important
    As to the unfinished business of the two statutory declarations
    That seem to make the whole bureaucratic system rather impotent
    And thus fail to help settle the marathon case to it’s final conclusions

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 090708
    Wed. 9th July 2008.

  4. warrior2 says:

    If you leave the country legally, the Govt will know your place of destination. But if you go to a country via a third country, HOW would the govt know unless it gets the help and assistance of agencies from the country that you went to after leaving malaysia.

    Eg, if you go to Singapore, you are on record having left the country for singapore. In singapore, you purchased a ticket to go to yangoon and really left.Would the govt know unless it gets the help of the Soingapore authorities?

    So before you condemn what we have, get yourself to be wise first.

    I am surprised you dont know how this things work.
    The police previously DID say that they have no idea if Bala and family were still in the country or if they had left. They said “there is a possibility that he has left the country”. To me, first, they have to establish if he had indeed left Malaysia.

    And no, I don’t know how a lot of things work. I’m willing to learn as I go. Your points help keep me in check.

  5. warrior2 says:

    Initially the Police didnt know because they didnt check with the Immigration Dept.It was a first/initial reaction when asked by reporters I guess.

    Later they found out he left and traced him with the help of WHATEVER and WHOEVER. Big deal!

  6. Leong Ah Sang says:

    I think Bala is still in Malaysia. Don’t believe what the police said. The only way to find out is to ask Unit Nation to ask the neighbouring countries if their records show the existence of Bala in their countries. This is important on human reason. UN can keep the information confidential. It is important to make sure that Bala is safe.

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