Guilty of treachery and treason

I read this piece by Zorro early this morning while at work. Didn’t have time to leave a comment, but his piece definitely left a considerable effect on me. So much so that I think my response to his piece warrants a full post, because a comment just wouldn’t do it justice.

An excerpt from Zorro’s blog:

Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Mahathir had also adhered to a critical view of the ISA. In 1966, when Mahathir spoke out in support of the Internal Security (Amendment) Bill 1966 as a backbencher, he stated that no one in his right senses like[s] the ISA. It is in fact a negation of all the principles of democracy.”

We all know NOW that Dr Mahathir didn’t mean it in 1966. Because he proceeded with Operasi Lalang, which was in 1987.

But say if we were to have believed him in 1966. Say we were to have thought that he would amend the ISA, or even abolish it, when he became the premier. Wouldn’t we have been led down the wrong road and impression? Because on hindsight, that was DEFINITELY not what he had in mind.

But say if we weren’t born then. Or say we didn’t know that Dr Mahathir made such a statement. Say he doesn’t remember.

Another part of Zorro’s post:

“The fifth and current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, went on the record in 1988 to state If we want to save Malaysia and Umno, Dr Mahathir (then Prime Minister) must be removed. He uses draconian laws such as the Internal Security Act to silence his critics.”

The year before, he had also stated “Laws such as the Internal Security Act have no place in modern Malaysia. It is a draconian and barbaric law.

This was what got my blood boiling.

Does this not lead us to believe that he is against using the ISA? He criticised Dr Mahathir for using the ISA to “silence his critics”, so are we not to assume that he wouldn’t? He calls the ISA a “draconian and barbaric law”. So are we not to assume that he wouldn’t use it?

But no. This also from Zorro’s blog:

In 2003 when he became Prime Minister, Abdullah called the ISA “a necessary law,” and argued We have never misused the Internal Security Act. All those detained under the Internal Security Act are proven threats to society.”

It is enough that he has a short term memory. It is enough that his ministers mostly have short-term memories. But don’t take it that us Malaysians will have short-term memories as well!

“Never misused the ISA”? What happened to “Dr M using it to silence his critics”? What happened to “Operasi Lalang”?

“A necessary law”? What happened to “draconian and barbaric”? What happened to “no place in modern Malaysia”?

And please-lah, “proven threats to society”? Which one of the many ISA detainees have seen the inside of a courtroom?

I may not be a human rights activist at the moment. But I don’t relent when it comes to the ISA.

No, I do not have any experience of the inside, nor the outside of Kamunting Detention Camp. I don’t personally know any of the ISA detainees. I don’t even know anyone who used to be detained under the ISA. In fact, I’ve never even been close to anything related to the ISA.

But if something is wrong, I will not stop.

The ISA is wrong. I will not stop. It is the ISA that has to be stopped.

And this is from the dictionary:

Treachery: betraying someone of their trust

Treason: disloyalty to or betrayal of one’s country

And in this case, and in my books, both Dr Mahathir and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi are guilty of treason and treachery.

*Note: Quotes taken can also be found on Wikipedia.


14 Comments on “Guilty of treachery and treason”

  1. 2 cents says:

    just wanna say, i truly enjoy reading your posts..and i salute you for making your stand and articulating your points very succintly and clear..
    No need for salutions. We are all in this together.

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  3. tempatan says:

    “We all know NOW that Dr Mahathir didn’t mean it in 1966. Because he proceeded with Operasi Lalang, which was in 1987.”
    “We all know NOW that Dr Mahathir didn’t mean it in 1966. Because he proceeded with Operasi Lalang, which was in 1987.”
    That’s why he called it ‘Operasi Lalang’ meaning he too was in fact swaying with the direction of the wind.
    If you really look at today’s politicians, only one word would suffice to describe them – “Lalang” And Operasi Lalang has never ended. Or just call it Misi/Mission Lalang.
    ISA is in fact akin to punishment during the dark ages. May still be around in 2020.

    A fool like me has just understood the inner significance and message TDM wanted to convey in 1987.

    I am indebted to you Ms Michelle for enlightenment.
    I’m more inclined to see Operasi Lalang as Operation “Weed ‘Em Out”.

  4. Oldstock says:

    Hi there Michelle,

    This habit of our politicians of saying one thing one time but doing another thing later is second nature. This u-turn maneuver is especially practiced once they gain power. The examples, such as those you have mentioned, are many. Nothing is impossible in politics where are no permanent enemies. Politicians change their principles just to suit the situation of the day.

    In instances like these, I only have respect to the leaders who are really consistent throughout… people like Karpal Singh and Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.

    Our current PM and his predecessor both had spoken out against ISA but later made an about turn. Would our next PM (or the oft-said PM-in-waiting) do the same? The optimist in me would like to say No, but somehow the doubts still linger.

    But as you say, nothing should stop us to right a wrong.

    Like you, I do not have any direct experience relating to ISA but if I may suggest, you read the book by former ISA detainee Dr. Syed Husin Ali called `Dua Wajah – Tahanan Tanpa Bicara’. Dr. Syed Husin was detained on 7 December 1974 and released almost six years later. He wrote the book in 1996. He is presently the Deputy President of PKR.
    May be difficult to find a Malay book in NZ, but I’ll take your suggestion. Will look for it.

  5. zoz says:

    The way contracts are awarded in the name of PRIVATISATION, the way PETRONAS money are spent in total SECRECY are clear acts of ROBBERY and PIRATING, but in a deceitly coined language.

    These leaders have devastated the national wealth meant for the welfare of all Malaysians and our future generations. But the national coffer is now empty, and we are greatly in debt. These leaders should be tried for treason and treachery.

    Ma;aysians should wake up,we are fast approaching the economic calamity faced by Argentina. Just watch and listen to every words of our present leaders. they are lying…….

  6. warrior2 says:

    But then, what was considered not necessary/irrelevent/draconian etcetc before does not necessarily have to remain so in another time period and under different environement and scenario. Are we saying that a position should ALWAYS be the same regardless and no matter what the scenario and enviroment is in another time period? Are you saying so?
    My points of argument go this way.

    Dr M said the “ISA negates all principles of democracy”. Today we are still a democratic country, so to speak.

    Pak Lah said that the “ISA has no place in modern Malaysia”, and is “barbaric”, which would mean that the ISA is archaic in nature. We look to take steps forward, not backward.

    I understand that positions and policies change with times and contexts. But was the ISA really necessary then, and is the ISA any more relevant now?

  7. fitr says:

    In the context of today’s terrorism acts which are, if not, evidences of suspects are not conclusive for a charge in courts, and investigations need to be done thoroughly with time as the essence – don’t you think ISA (in the absence of any better law now) is more relevant in TODAY’s scenario and environment?

    Forget political ploys to the abuse of ISA. Just terrorism acts. Your comments.
    I must admit, for want of better law, the ISA seems to be the most convenient choice. But in essence, the ISA allows for indefinite detention with no need for trial. This in itself is the flaw of the ISA. I am not conversant in law, and Haris from PP (as you would know) has suggested that a preventive detention law be set up to replace the ISA.

    I am against the ISA, for the ways it has no regard for justice and human rights. Terrorism is an act of violence that also tramples on human rights and justice. But the ISA is not the way to curb terrorism. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  8. blthong says:

    I think this happens everywhere, not just here. That is why politicians are vilified worldwide, not just Malaysia. See how “4 legs good, 2 legs bad” turns to “4 legs good, 2 legs better” when the situation changes for the person making the statement. Of course that is no excuse for not keeping these jokers on their toes. Let’s keep ’em accountable!

  9. rajraman666 says:

    What comments i suppose to leave?

    rajraman.The lalang swing with the direction of coridor of power.The power given by us before and we are paying for the sin of the powerfull POLITICIAN now.
    rajraman, this is NOT zorro’s blog.

  10. walski69 says:

    Politicians are like grapevines – they bend and twist to how their environment suits them best.

    Dr. M may have truly meant what he said in 1966, as a backbencher.

    But moving up in the political world (particularly in Malaysian mainstream politics) necessarily requires one to compromise their beliefs, to the point that they tend to forget (sometimes) why they got involved in politics in the first place, or their stand on certain issues initially held.

    Politics in Malaysia, IMHO, corrupts the noblest of intentions – you don’t make an impact unless you are at a particular level in the food chain. Getting there, however, requires you to compromise. Many times, even your principal.

    Which is exactly why Walski will never become a politician. Not in this lifetime, and until/unless the political environment changes.

    All humans are succeptible to the grapevine conundrum. And Walski is only human…
    Walski is right, I may have been a bit too quick to judge. Michelle is only human too.

  11. warrior2 says:

    Once, the british and the americans and many other countries lambasted us on our ISA. Now they have thier own version.

    Enough said!
    Them having “their own version” does not make the ISA right. And not all the ISA-like laws in other countries allow for indefinite detention without trial.

  12. Kathy says:

    Laws are made by men and changed whenever it becomes convenient to them. The principle idea of ISA needs to be studied and changes need to be made to accomodate the current and future situation of the society. If they want to detain anyone under ISA, at least the person should have his time in court to prove otherwise. That is democracy then.
    You’ve nailed it, Kathy.

  13. Paul Warren says:

    What ever anyone says, I believe honestly that the ISA is indeed still needed.

    What ever its original intention, I find that many in UMNO today would qualify for a stay in Kamunting for threatening the peace. Badawi himself promised that if we did not vote BN then we can expect chaos and instability. In other words he was promising insecurity. Therefore fulfilling the very objectives of the ISA. And he can be taken to court too I am sure. Not only was he promising, he also has the capability of delivering on the promise.

    On the other hand of course those who are presently subjected to the ISA, and those in the past too, never promised like Badawi did and surely never had the capacity to deliver too. Mahathir too promised a May 13 just before the 1999 GE. And he could deliver on that promise too. Of course out of fear, as usual, the Chinese delivered on the ransom.

    You see, immediately after a PR takeover of the Government, you will need the ISA to imprison all these UMNO warlords and really I wouldn’t want to wait for them to really deliver on what they are most surely capable of.

    Now, tell me, among all of you, how many of you will really weep if you find that Badawi, Najib, Hishamuddin, Khairy, Mohammad Mohammad Taib, Khir Toyo, Kinabatangan’s Bung Mokhtar, Muhiddin, Nazri, Mahathir and many more find themselves in Kamunting wondering if they will ever get the chance of seeing the insides of a court?

    Also, I am sure they too will agree that this would have been a wise decision, knowing that their detention under the ISA probably would ahve saved the country of wanton chaos just to fulfill their personal desires.

  14. Truth says:

    I find that the article although truthful forget something that is fundamental to the guilt of treason and treachery.

    The author forgot that for one to be guilty of such acts, one must be actually working AGAINST the normal course of the laws of the country. Which in this case, I find it to be obviously not as no one has actually REPEL those laws yet.

    So I must conclude that although the politicians mentioned are untruthful treachery sons of certain animals, they are by no mean treasonous to the country, contrary to popular belief.

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