No confidence, no vote

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition Leader Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail filed an emergency motion of no confidence against Prime Minister at the office of the Dewan Rakyat Speaker at about 3.45pm Thursday.

After filing the motion, she said there would be no voting involved in the process, as Pakatan Rakyat was not seeking a no-confidence vote.

“We are not hoping for a change in the government but to have our voices heard,” she said at Parliament lobby.

Asked why she was only doing it now, Dr Wan Azizah said because it was because the situation in the country has worsened.

“This motion is simply to seek a change within the existing situation,” she said.

From the StarOnline here.

Dr Wan Azizah also cited “crises like the high price of fuel, food and basic needs, the erosion of faith in the police, Attorney-General and judiciary, increase in crime and corruption” as additional reasons.

“Within this state of democracy that we have, we don’t want bloodshed or violence, so this is a way to institute change. This shows that we are doing what we can within the procedures to speak for the people who voted for us and those on the other side of the House who dare not speak.”

Lim said the debate will nonetheless “give us the opportunity to gauge as to whether the level of confidence has deteriorated or otherwise.”

More from Malaysian Insider here.

The Speaker has till Monday to decide whether to allow the debate.

Assuming that he doesn’t allow it, it might actually get a lot of people riled up, and might also get the Pakatan Rakyat MPs to really fire their guns at the Speaker. For whatever reasons the Speaker may have, Pakatan Rakyat will probably not take no for an answer. To not allow the debate is to take away from the democratic process, or so might be their case.

But assuming the Speaker DOES allow for the motion to be tabled, I wonder if this decision will sit well with Barisan Nasional MPs. Already, some of them have made their comments on what they think this motion of no-confidence is all about:

Bung Mokhtar: “Rakyat sudah memberi mandat kepada BN. Mengapa pembangkang mahu mengemukakan usul tidak percaya terhadap kerajaan? Apakah agendanya? Mereka mahu jatuhkan kerajaan?”

Liow Tiong Lai: “This is a political move that will continue to destabilise the country. This is not the wish of the people. They want all elected representatives to work together to overcome challenges like the global rise in fuel prices. I think the people are all fed-up with the Opposition’s continuous attempts to overthrow the government.”

The Speaker has a big decision to make.


3 Comments on “No confidence, no vote”

  1. warrior2 says:

    Wan Azizah is trying to help her HUSBAND or the RAKYAT?

    WHEN SAPP was “planning” to do it, Wan didnt act much, her husband was also on record having said that the pakatan wont file one BUT the moment the sodomy charge was made, THINGS change huh?

    How credible is the whole lot?
    Political games will remain as political games, regardless of which side. Granted Anwar did say that PR will not file for a no-confidence vote. But that is also what Wan Azizah is saying, they are not looking to vote, only to debate.

    Whether they have an ulterior motive or not, we don’t know. And I don’t think we would ever know..

  2. warrior2 says:

    I say, vote or debate, the intent is the same.

    But I will emphasize more on the timing being AFTER the sodomy! hehe

  3. ibat says:

    What is the point? What is an opposition that do not want to be a government? Shouldn’t an opposition seize an opportunity when it comes? Does PR expect BN MP’s to stand up in support of the motion even amongst those who already crossed over in their hearts? The whole thing is a charade. Another issue to add on to distract us from the sodomy case.

    My dear PR government in waiting – Stay on Target, Stay on Target. The force is with you – but the force can also get fed-up!

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