And may God have mercy..

I just read this from Rocky’s Bru:

Dear YB Syed Hamid Albar
Home Minister

Re: Aina Mardiah Shahrial, 17

You may not know Aina, she is the eldest daughter of Shahrial Sirin, an ISA detainee. On the afternoon of July 2, about 3 pm, she was admitted into Kajang Hospital. The girl was fighting for her life. The family immediately informed authorities at Kamunting, where her father had been detained for the last 7 years.

Somehow, Shahrial was only told of her daughter’s illness at 10.30 am the next day, July 3. Aina’s mother made a personal appeal to the authorities at Kamunting to let her daughter be with the dad for the last time. The doctors said Aina had only a few hours of life left, God-willing.

The authorities at Kamunting said they could not release Shahrial. They had to get your signature on the release papers. Yes, YB, your precious signature.

Aina’s father was finally released at 5pm. It was the longest four-hour journey to Kuala Lumpur.

Shahrial got to her daughter’s side at 9.45 pm. He was too late. Aina had passed away at 6.20pm without seeing her father.

Thank you, YB, and may Allah bless you and your family.

Tehsin adds more:

His wife Fatma is a strong woman. I can only imagine what she is forced to go through. And her kids…

A girl has died, a girl younger than I am. She died in the hospital, waiting for her father, who never arrived in time. She died waiting, hoping, to see her father one last time.

I cannot imagine what it could be like.

I am beyond angry. I am beyond feeling outraged at the insanity of this.

I am saddened that the police, the authorities at Kamunting have no right to release a detainee in a critical situation like this without needing to get the Home Minister to flick his pen.

I am saddened that the lives of men, women and families are dictated by one man.

I am saddened that a girl had to die without her father by her side, because one man took his time to sign a piece of paper.

May God give Aina’s family the strength to face this.

And may God have mercy..


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