Human Rights Roadshow

SUARAM will organise human rights road shows in August, details as below:

Kuala Lumpur: 9 August 2008 (Sat)
Penang: 17 August 2008 (Sun)
Segamat: 23 August 2008 (Sat)
Johor Bahru : 24 August 2008 (Sun)

The programme includes a half day workshop that cover the following topics:

  • Human rights principles and concepts, human rights and law, UDHR and Federal Constitution
  • Police/Power and our rights during arrest and investigation of police, road block/search
  • How and where to make human rights complaints

And Human rights exhibition include human rights history, UDHR, police ranking, IPCMC, photos of human rights violation, ISA, EO and more..

If you are interested, there is a form that you can download and send back to SUARAM. The email address in on the form. Click HERE for the form.


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