Ezam warns Anwar against linking him

This is what Ezam had to say, quoted in quite a number of places:

If you link me to a political conspiracy over the sodomy report, I will divulge your secrets,”

I took this directly from Tok Mommy HERE, where she has plenty of links to news portals to follow.

I’m no fan of Anwar’s. If Ezam has any “deep, dark secrets” that don’t step on personal lines about Anwar, if Ezam has any “secrets” about Anwar’s wrongdoings, or any of that sort, I say bring it.

But I’ve used two “IF“s in my sentence. Because I don’t know if Ezam does indeed have any dirt on Anwar.

And besides, Ezam is using a very big IF himself.

He’s going to “divulge” Anwar’s deepest, darkest secrets, ONLY IF Anwar links him to a “political conspiracy over the sodomy report”.

Funny, but this seems like blackmail. Threaten Tactics 101.

Lulu puts it in this perspective:

What Ezam is doing now sounds pretty much like threatening with a dose of blackmail.
If you ___, I will ___.

What’s with the IF?

To jaga your own kepentingan?

IF Ezam can use this “warning” on Anwar this time, he can use it on Anwar anytime.

And besides, I’ve read nothing in the news about Anwar wanting to link any political conspiracy to Ezam. None at all. Maybe the newspapers weren’t giving any media attention to Anwar’s ‘unknown plans to link Ezam to a political conspiracy’, but I sure didn’t even THINK of Ezam being linked to anything until he came and said it himself.

Attention craving, perhaps?

IF he’s got dirt on Anwar, expose it so that we can know about it and make informed decisions as the rakyat. IF he’s got dirt on anyone else, expose it so that we can know about it too.

By the looks of it, Ezam is saying that IF Anwar brings him down, he’s not going to go down without Anwar. It’s like what they say in Cantonese, “一起“, or loosely translated as “want die together die”.

It ain’t nice. It’s tit for tat, you snitch I snitch.

But hey, you want to save your own skin, I can’t say anything. Just, no need to go public about it. You’re making a scene out of nothing. And you’re literally erasing your own credibility. You seriously don’t want the whole of Malaysia to know that you’re “keeping secrets” from us just so you remain “on safe grounds”.

A little too late for Ezam though.


4 Comments on “Ezam warns Anwar against linking him”

  1. tempatan says:

    Why threaten at all in the first place? Is it true then, is he part of a conspiracy?

  2. tok mommy says:


    There’s a Malay saying which goes

    “Siapa yang makan lada dia yang pedas.”

  3. Oldstock says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I don’t think it is a case of trying to save his own skin. It’s more like trying to show to UMNO that he is now the frontman, the guy who’s willing to take on Anwar head on, the guy who can be `trusted’ to do the dirty work.

    His membership into UMNO almost did not get through (check out Cikgu Bard’s blog). There are still many people in UMNO who are wary of his motives. That’s why he’s now on this mission to be the UMNO superhero.
    Hah! That would explain all the noise-making!

  4. ibat says:

    So I suppose the famous six boxes of evidence on corruption in high places which he was willing to go to jail for will never surface now as he is back in UMNO fold. I’m no big fan of anwar but I’m willing to back him to lead the country on the basis of the justice for all as his declared platform. However, IF ezam have indisputable proof that anwar is a bad person, I believe he is duty bound as a patriot to inform the nation. This duty to inform should not be contingent upon any accusation of bad deeds towards ezam. So IF ezam is honest to serve, just throw the proof in the open, that is IF ezam hasn’t lost the plot.

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