Fuel debate still on, but NOT on TV3

UPDATE: Will also be broadcast online HERE.


KUALA LUMPUR, July 14 — The highly anticipated debate between de facto opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek has been moved from TV3 to TV9 with Bernama TV also broadcasing it “live” at 9pm tomorrow.

According to Ahmad Shabery’s blog, the reason why TV3 could not proceed with the “live” telecast was because it could not cancel its agreement with the show already scheduled for that time slot. Checks on the TV3 website show that the scheduled programme is local Malay drama “Lestary: Sindarela”.

The debate will also be carried over Astro Awani.

Full article here.

I wonder why TV9. Why not 8TV, or NTV7? They’re both under Media Prima as well, like TV3.

And it just strikes me as a little odd, you know. That TV3 couldn’t reschedule a Malay drama for a debate on fuel price. I’m sure the debate would have raked in the highest ratings ever. But now they’re stuck with a local drama instead. Maybe the drama’s really really popular? I don’t know.

From my experience when I was back in Malaysia end of last year, TV9 didn’t exactly have a very wide coverage. In fact, there were areas in Cheras that don’t get very clear signals from TV9. And this is smack in the middle of town we’re talking about. What about rural areas? Surely TV3 would have reached out to more people?

Maybe TV9’s coverage has improved?


One Comment on “Fuel debate still on, but NOT on TV3”

  1. warrior2 says:

    Maybe because, for some of us, a fuel debate is not exactly the highlight of one`s day and a serial drama is!

    Now that Sabry has managed to get Anwar to agree to tell us all HOW HE INTENDs to lower the fule price, I hope he WILL TELL us all and not hide behind the excuse of “oh I cant reveal everything nanti Govt tiru”. I also hope, that he will show up and not cabut at the last minute by giving all sort of excuse. He did try recently by saying he prefers to debate with the PM or the DPM. hehe

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