We should now start running scared….

…I think that’s what Liow Tiong Lai is wanting to do. To make us run scared. In which direction? Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s away from Anwar.

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR’s de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has attempted to introduce Hudud Law by bringing the sodomy allegation made by his former assistant to Syariah Court, said MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai.

He said Anwar should bring the case to civil courts instead as sodomy was a crime.

DAP should make it stand on this as Anwar is trying to bring Hudud Law to the country,” he said after presenting scrolls to Tunku Abdul Rahman College graduates at the college here Sunday.

Full article here.

This is just nonsense. Pure nonsense uttered either because (1) he didn’t use his brain, or (2) he thinks we don’t use our brains.

This started off as a civil case, yes. Saiful first reported the alleged sodomy to the police, and the police investigated it under civil law.

I personally don’t think it should be brought to the Syariah Court. But I don’t call the shots here. Neither am I a lawyer. But before Liow says something like this, shouldn’t he also know that the challenge from Saiful to mubahalah was what made it a religious affair? I don’t think swearing on the Qu’ran is something you do in Civil Court to prove your innocence.

So wouldn’t it be fair to say that it was Saiful who first made it a Muslim vs Muslim affair? And when it’s a Muslim vs Muslim affair, isn’t it also fair that the case be trialed in the Syariah Court, according to the provisions under Syariah Laws?

What has anything got to do with implementing, or introducing Hudud Laws?

When both sides are Muslim, and they wish so to bring it to the Syariah Court, it’s their choice. Both are willing. They both want to. Both Saiful and Anwar have NOT complained in any way against using the Syariah Courts to determine their case.

And Liow Tiong Lai want to make a fuss out of this? Out of nothing?

Because seriously, if he wants to make a fuss of “Hudud Laws”, perhaps he would want to look into the cases of “body-snatching”. Like, for example, when a member of a Hindu family dies, and the authorities say that he died a Muslim, but the family doesn’t agree. Does this case go to the Civil Courts, or the Syariah Court? It SHOULD rightfully be trialed in the Civil Court, because the family of the deceased are of Hindu faith. But NO, in dear old Malaysia, it goes to the Syariah Court. Isn’t this real-life example even worse than what Anwar has presented here?

And Liow Tiong Lai keeps his mouth shut on that one? Why? Because the family’s not Chinese? Or just because the parties involved are not politicians from the opposition?

Get real. There are more pressing issues to look into. Don’t go plucking non-issues like “Anwar trying to introduce Hudud Laws”. If anything, I’d say “Liow Tiong Lai is trying to scare the hell out of the non-Muslims”.


3 Comments on “We should now start running scared….”

  1. Kathy says:

    It really irks me to read such utter nonsense from Liow. If he wants to carry favours with Najib and Pak Lah, he can just convert to Islam and be a Muslim. It really shows that most of the MCA members are not for the Chinese community, they are there for the money and power.

    Whether it is civil court or the syariah court, Annuar has the right to make his choice. And in Malaysia, everyone knows that anything goes.

  2. In the U.S. you cannot get elected without at least a couple of sodomy charges under your belt. For instance, the Black Messian (Barack Obama) is being accused of smoking crack cocaine while another man fellated his private organ). I reckon things are different over there though.

  3. Carci says:

    liow is disgrace to the community!

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