Liars hiding behind the cyber curtain

…is the title of an article written by Tunku Abdul Aziz. I started reading the article thinking that it would be another one of those blog-bashing articles, but it turns out that although it still IS, in its own way, I find a lot of sense in it.

The article ends this way:

I am a firm believer in press freedom, but with an important qualification. There cannot be freedom without responsibility. In the same vein, there cannot be rights without duties, and there cannot be accountability without transparency.

I am afraid, judged by these basic criteria, many of the blogs in Malaysia fail the test miserably. That said, we all welcome views that differ from ours and are expressed in language that is temperate — although many are under the impression that a person whose language is refined and restrained has no place in their scheme of things.

Read the entire article HERE.


One Comment on “Liars hiding behind the cyber curtain”

  1. warrior2 says:

    I am with the tunku on what he wrote. Infact i can relate to what Stephen commented on the tunku`s article. Even before this when I pointed the issue of accountability and credibility of some bloggers, they disputed my assertion/position. My oh My
    Just read Stephen’s comment. It’s true that on Malaysia-Today, most of them leave comments that seemingly come from nowhere, and have not been carefully thought of. But I wouldn’t term them as bloggers though. They may be mere commentators, but point well taken.

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