The “information” about a rally at Parliament

Okay. So today’s Wednesday. The supposed rally was to happen on Monday. And because of “information” that the government received that there would be such a rally, there were roadblocks everywhere, to make sure that Anwar and his supporters could not turn up anywhere near Parliament for any sort of illegal gathering.

Among the sources of information, according to Malaysian’s Joe HERE, sourced from the Star, were “two blogs, two SMS’es and two political speeches”.

I don’t know about the SMS’es and political speeches, but it seems that Syed Hamid Albar has revealed the addresses of the two blogs that had called for the rally.

On Zulkifli Noordin’s blog:

Kami menyeru rakyat supaya turun ramai-ramai ke Parlimen pada hari Isnin ini untuk usul undi tak percaya tersebut. DSAI sendiri akan turun bersama ke Parlimen hari itu.

Saya menyeru rakyat supaya mari kita bersama menunjukkan kesatuan rakyat menuntut kembali hak kita. Jangan ketinggalan untuk bersama mencipta sejarah Malaysia baru ini.

Stand up & be counted. Jadikan generasi akan datang berbangga dengan pengorbanan & perjuangan yang kita ambil hari ini. Make them proud of us.

Isnin 14 Julai adalah hari yang tak akan dilupakan oleh sejarah.

Masanya telah tiba. See all of you in Parliament on Monday 14 July @ 10am.

The other blog was Fudzail’s blog, which was a complete copy-and-paste exercise of Zulkifli’s blog post.

So it means that both carry the same message.

Zulkifli Noordin is PKR’s Kulim Bandar Bahru MP
Fudzail is someone currently residing in Dubai. I think, if I’m not mistaken, he’s a regular commentator at various blogs.

I don’t know if there are other PKR MPs or members who posted such a seruan. But in today’s time, when blogs have become so highly popularised, especially after the GE2008, it is difficult for the government not to take such a post seriously, especially since it was posted by a PKR wakil.

And the post was not in cryptic language either. It states clearly the date and the time. It says, and I repeat:

Kami menyeru rakyat supaya turun ramai-ramai…

See all of you in Parliament on Monday 14 July @ 10am.

Whether this Zulkifli was acting on his own, or whether PKR did in fact have prior arrangements for a rally or not, I wouldn’t know.

But PKR cannot deny that they have ever asked the people to come down to Parliament on Monday, because it is there for all to see on Zulkifli’s blog.

Maybe the government did over-react, because it was just ONE blog post. That the news wasn’t widely spread throughout blogosphere is glaring. Where there were no such massive roadblocks for the PROTES rally which was so highly publicised, but such massive roadblocks for a “rally” only found on a couple of blogs, it’s a bit too much.

But, we must admit that Zulkifli Noordin is not a nobody. He is a representative in PKR. And that in itself, I think, is enough for the government to want to take it seriously. PKR, I think has some explaining to do.


2 Comments on “The “information” about a rally at Parliament”

  1. KevinP says:

    well… obscure blogs. But there was an invite posted and Botak can really blow it out of proportion… its what they now call “a smoking gun”

  2. warrior2 says:

    Thats exactly my comment in other blogs which dispuited that there was any call in the first place.

    That 2 blogs are not just an ordinary blog especially the kulim blog as you pointed out and there are many visitors to the blogs, last count 300000 + each not like mine.
    Not like mine too.

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