More views on Anwar’s arrest

Video taken in front of IPK. Sourced from Anil Netto’s blog HERE.

Malik Imtiaz says this:

We should remain calm and await further developments. From media reports, it would seem that Anwar Ibrahim was prepared for this and has lawyers at the ready. If he is being arrested in connection with the alleged sodomy, then he should be brought before a magistrate within 24 hours and be charged unless a remand order is obtained to allow for further investigation. The offence is bailable and I see no reasonable basis for bail being refused.

PAS secretary-general Datuk Kamaruddin Jaffar:

“What we demand now is for authorities to treat Anwar with dignity and rights accorded to our citizens. His freedom must not be restricted and all due process of law must be followed.”

DAP’s Tony Pua:

“There should not be indications of evidence or witnesses being tampered with. I hope Anwar Ibrahim will be given a fair day in court and justice must be served. If the accusation is false he must be released without condition.”

Din Merican, Programme Director for PKR:

In my opinion, this display of arrogance can only come from a government impervious to public criticism of its policies and actions. This attitude has the government shorn of its political and moral legitimacy to govern. Legitimacy is needed for effective governance in a democracy. Without it, repression takes over and we are all the worse for it.

Wan Azizah:

“It is a feeling of déjà vu. Of course, now my children are big and I am in Parliament. But I feel it should not have happened this way.”
“I have a fear because, although they guarantee his safety, it was the same thing that they said before but it didn’t happen.”

Lim Kit Siang:

In arresting Anwar Ibrahim outside his Bukit Segambut home just before 1 pm today, the police are being most provocative, unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Tian Chua:

The arrest was highly provocative and uncalled for. The police had acted outside the bounce of their power. It was unnecessary to arrest Anwar since he had agreed to attend the investigation.

Syed Hamid Albar:

The police already have a warrant to arrest Anwar to facilitate investigations into the sodomy allegation. We leave it to the police to handle the case. Let the police do their job. Do not interfere in police matters.”

Azmin Ali:

“Why? Are the police being manipulated by Barisan Nasional and Umno? This is an abuse of due process.”
“Don’t test the people’s patience.”
“What is Syed Hamid Albar, the Home Minister’s, stand? Who gave the order? Is it the IGP?”
“I request action be taken against the IGP. The cruelty that was taken will damn the country’s security system.”

Mukhriz Mahathir:

“The question I want to know, as a representative of the people, the people of Jerlun: Did Datuk Seri Anwar commit sodomy or didn’t he?”
I believe Datuk Seri Anwar did. Certainly he did commit this ‘keji’ act.”

Updates available from Haris’ The People’s Parliament HERE.


8 Comments on “More views on Anwar’s arrest”

  1. oknoted says:

    The coming 2 months will be interesting, with surely lots more twists and turns to come.

    Let’s hope everyone stays calm, but if they don’t release Anwar, and take RPK as well, the rakyat may not be able to just stand by and watch for much longer.

  2. madzrina says:

    kesalahan liwat perlukah ditangkap sebagai penjenayah? jika benar pun DSAI meliwat takkan perlu sehingga sebegitu banyak kereta polis untuk menangkapnya? tolonglah, telah huru hara malaysia kini!

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  4. warrior2 says:

    Thats Mukhriz`s opinion/belief. I am sure everybody has one. What IS YOUR BELIEF my dear blogger?
    My PERSONAL opinion: I don’t believe it.

    But everyone deserves a fair day in court, Saiful and Anwar included.

  5. warrior2 says:

    I am wondering than why is it that some are outrage for Mukhriz personal opinion?

    Should some reader be outrage with your opinion? Do they ave a right to be angry or hentam you for your opinion that is not conistent with theirs?
    I don’t defend their strong reaction towards what Mukhriz said. But perhaps political figures have to be more careful and responsible over what they say.

    The way the opposition reacted to what Mukhriz said would be similar, I think, to how Mukhriz and a few others would react to people who speak ill of Dr M.

    That being said, there have been people who have hentam-ed me for having a different opinion. I have a right to form my own opinions, and so do they.

  6. warrior2 says:

    To me, Mukhriz is not the executive and dosent have to be careful in expressing his views.

    I agree, to each thier own views. Some people, not you, react strongly to me having a different view than that of thiers.

  7. terebei@lastik says:

    the ruling party has bankrupt started from Mahathir and the rest just followed’s a precedent to snub Anwar.Who is Mukriz? son of Mahathir.. like father like son..Mahathir had cried before in the UMNO general assembly.It’s nothing else!..He was guilty conscious for what he had done. he used judiciary and PDRM to fabricate Anwar.

    The trouble with Anwar is that he openly declared that BN will be toppled down.In the first place, Anwar should not let nation know his political strategy! It really scared those people who are in power now.

  8. ikhlas says:

    apa yang sepatutnya rakyat Malaysia buat ialah “gunalah otak untuk berfikir”..jangan jadi balaci je sampai ke tua!!

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