Overnight stay for Anwar

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim akan bermalam dalam tahanan polis selepas beliau ditangkap tengah hari tadi, demikian dimaklumkan oleh ketua penerangan PKR Tian Chua.

Isterinya dan presiden PKR Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail hadir di ibu pejabat polis kontinjen (IPK) Kuala Lumpur kira-kira jam 11.25 malam.

Naib presiden PKR Mohamad Azmin Ali, bersama seorang lagi naib presiden Sivarasa Rasiah dan ahli parlimen Balik Pulau, Yusmadi Yusoff juga masuk ke bangunan IPK – tidak lama selepas Anwar dibawa pulang dari hospital Kuala Lumpur pada 10.35 malam.

Sebelum itu, 10 kenderaan polis mengiringi Anwar ke hospital dari ibu pejabat polis itu pada jam 8.35 malam dan sampai kira-kira 10 minit kemudian.

Anwar dimasukkan ke wad diraja dengan kawalan kira-kira 40 anggota polis untuk rawatan biasa.

Full article from malaysiakini HERE.
Read also Tok Mommy HERE.

Malaysiakini also reported that PKR supporters gathered in front of IPK, and held a candlelight vigil for Anwar. They dismissed peacefully at midnight after being told to do so by the police.

It is good news that there was no demonstration, as it would have only led to more unbecoming incidents to happen. There might also have been more arrests.

If the government didn’t learn anything from the 1998 Reformasi incident, the supporters sure have. Being heated up and playing into the hands of the authorities is not the smart thing to do.

The police have issued a statement on Anwar’s arrest. It can be read at BigDog’s blog HERE.

Their reasoning of why they arrested him earlier than 2pm is sloppy, but if they have a warrant, it is legal. Although I would argue that a gentlemen’s agreement of 2pm, and sticking by it would have avoided all this drama.

But the police action of sending police officers with balaclava, and sending 15 vehicles in the convoy is over the top and unwarranted for. Even the biggest of Anwar’s critics have to agree that the police have been too rash and flashy in their arrest.

From Rocky’s Bru:

Even the most pro-PDRM among the bloggers I spoke with on the phone today said the cops’ modus operandi high-handed and totally unnecessary.

Below is a video of an interview with Sankara Nair, one of Anwar’s lawyers on the chronology of events, starting from the ACA interview in the morning.

Sourced from the StarOnline HERE.

Today, RPK will also see the inside of a police station.


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