Roadblocks again – Let our buses go!

This I found on Zorro’s blog HERE. The email came from Tehsin’s blog HERE.


(Moaz has been writing so patiently for a while now on the transportation woes in Malaysia and has given numerous suggestions and proposed solutions and even written reports for the government to NO AVAIL..and no, no one is paying him to do it..commented Tehsin.)

The recent roadblocks on major streets and highways in the Kuala Lumpur area may have their justification (whatever it may be) but they are not good for the economy or the rakyat. The Malaysian economy has collectively lost thousands if not millions of Ringgit due to lost productivity. People have arrived late for work or for important meetings. Some people who were taking the CLP Exam arrived late for their exam, effectively delaying their legal careers. Thousands of person-hours were lost to the delays and thousands of ringgit worth of precious petrol and diesel were wasted.

Many of these people who were delayed not only faced inconvenience but also serious economic loss. A large portion of the Klang Valley lives (perhaps survives would be the better word) on salaries of less than RM3000/month and in many cases, these people are living from paycheque to paycheque. It has been observed that since the petrol price increase, there has been a decrease in consumer demand especially at the end of the month, as people run out of money to spend. With the persistent rise in the cost of living, these people cannot risk losing pay for being late, or even worse, losing their jobs.

The government must consider the needs of the rakyat before they let these activities happen. The people do not need the additional burden.

One group of people that the government could help would be the public transport users. As it is assumed that public transport users are from the “lower-income group” it may also be assumed that these people are the most at risk from the roadblocks, and thus, deserve to be given some respite from these roadblocks.

So I again ask the police to use the red and white construction dividers to create bus lanes which would allow buses to move up ahead and allow buses to bypass the roadblocks. It is unfair for the drivers, but one bus carrying 40-60 people should be able to move forward. And perhaps the sight of buses driving smoothly past the traffic jam would encourage more people to use public transportation.

It is said that the prophet Musa (Moses) appealed to the Pharaoh of Egypt to “Let my people go!” I have no intention of making a comparison, but I would like to appeal to the government and the police to “Let the buses go!”


Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

Subang Jaya, Selangor


Zorro added this:

spread it around in your blog-posting……a little road-block of our own..


One Comment on “Roadblocks again – Let our buses go!”

  1. warrior2 says:

    Knowing the malaysian public, they will KEMUT (encroached) into the bus lane! Anyway, the bus lane dosent start from A to Z but somewhere in the middle and in between A and/to Z. The buses are already stuck somewhere!

    The purpose of the roadblock is to scutinise/prevent etcetc rallyists from congregating or discourage them. Well if they see buses are moving at lightning speed, they will take the buses.

    Why roadbloacks happen? It is because of news of confirmed protests or demos or planned ones. What should be done is for the opposition and/or any party pledging NOT TO HAVE ANY! Shouldnt that be the solution?

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