Khir Toyo’s “impian”

I was wondering if it was even worth writing about this. It seems more and more of the politicians today, be they from either side of the political see-saw, are spouting absolute nonsense.

But if we keep quiet about things, some people tend to mistake that silence for “support” and “agreement”. So here goes.

Excerpt from Khir Toyo’s blog:

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim memang tidak mahu Melayu bersatu kerana itulah beliau tubuhkan Pakatan Rakyat yang berjuang atas prinsip kesamarataan, menyamakan taraf agama Islam dengan agama lain, menyamaratakan kedudukan orang Melayu dengan bangsa lain, walaupun memiliki status bumiputera. Sebab itulah Anwar dapat menarik sokongan yang besar daripada golongan ekstremis Cina melalui DAP dan ekstremis India melalui Hindraf.

Saya tidak mengimpikan Pas dan UMNO bersatu dalam bentuk fizikal parti atau ideologi politik. Tapi saya mengimpikan kesatuan orang Melayu dalam erti mempertahankan kedudukan dan agenda Islam dan Melayu di negara ini.

Saya impikan biar parti mana pun yang menang pilihan raya, kedudukan agama Islam dan Orang Melayu kekal dan terus dipertahankan. Bukan seperti sekarang ini sudah terdapat “penggadaian” terhadap status quo Islam dan Melayu dalam usaha membeli pengaruh dan sokongan bukan Melayu.

Impian saya juga untuk melihat Melayu kembali menjadi tunjang politik negara yang akan menstabilkan politik tanah air, menjadi kenyataan.

I can’t really be bothered translating it word for word. Suffice to say that in a nutshell, Khir Toyo’s “dream” is that the Malays will unite to defend the status and agenda of Malays and Islam in Malaysia, unlike the “sacrifice” of the status quo of Islam and Malays in efforts to buy support from non-Malays that is apparently happening now.

Obviously, his dream doesn’t involve the non-Malays. it doesn’t involve the other 40% of Malaysia’s population. Oh, wait. It doesn’t involve the non-Malay Bumis as well, so maybe the percentage is slightly higher than 40%. i don’t know.

To me, he just shot himself in the foot. Why wouldn’t we want equality, kesamarataan? What problem does he have with that?

Whatalulu calls him a pompous racist idiot.
Crankshaft calls this a bad case of racism.
Malaysian Joe says he is trying tostoke more racial based statements“.
Other people on Malaysiakini have more to say.

To Khir Toyo, Hindraf is Indian-extremist. DAP is Chinese-extremist. Well, there have been comments that PAS is Islam-extremist, and UMNO is Malay-extremist. PKR have been described as power-extremist by some. As for the other parties, no such comments. Maybe they’re weak-extremists then.

I don’t know. Are any of them really extremists? “Extreme” is a very strong word.


He implicates that Islam should not be disamaratakan with other religions. If his argument comes from the Constitution, I beg to differ. The Constitution says that Islam is the official religion. Yes. But it also says that other religions are to be allowed to be practised freely in peace and harmony. Nowhere in the Constitution, even if you squint your eyes to read between the lines, does it say that Islam is one-up compared to other religions. Nowhere does it say that Islam reigns supreme over other religions in Malaysia.

If his argument comes from his own belief in Islam, I’m probably not in the best position to criticise. But I THINK I remember reading that in Islam, all men (and women) were created by Allah s.w.t. (or God). Not just Muslims, but ALL of mankind. And I believe that makes ALL of us brothers/sisters. Or is that not true?

Then, he implicates that the Malay race should not be made to be “on the same level” as other races, because the Malays are bumiputera. I assume he makes this judgement from the Constitution, where it says that Malays, along with the natives of Sabah and Sarawak have a “special position” in Malaysia. Nowhere, though, does it say that Malays and non-Malays have a different level of citizenship. Nowhere does it say that Malays are of a “supreme” race, or even a better one.

The “Malay unity” that Khir Toyo is dreaming of cannot happen until and unless all the Malays in Malaysia decide that they want to hold the power to be first-class citizens in Malaysia. It cannot happen until and unless all the Malays in Malaysia decide that they alone have the privilege to call Malaysia home, and anyone else of any other race and religion does not. It cannot happen until and unless there are no more non-Malays in Malaysia.

Sometimes I wonder, if this is what Khir Toyo and a few others are dreaming of. A Malaysia made up of only Malays, and no other people. A land of Malays-only.

For whatever it is that I “lack” by virtue of being a non-Muslim and a non-Malay, I think I make up for it by working harder, studying harder, thinking harder, praying harder, and striving harder for a better Malaysia. My love for the country is no less than that of the next person. My being not Malay and Muslim does not make me “one level lower” than those who are.

There can be no national unity if we talk of Malay-unity, or Chinese-unity, or Indian-unity or [race/religion]-unity. Because this nation is not monolithic. It is not made up of one race, one religion, one kind of people. We hail our diversity, we USE our diversity to attract tourists from other countries. We call ourselves “Truly Asia” not without a reason. We are many. We are so many. For us to be one, we have to find common ground. And that ground is that all of us are Malaysians.


16 Comments on “Khir Toyo’s “impian””

  1. ibat says:

    Toyo is javanese, right? how can he speak for the malays? he might be speaking on behalf of UMNO malays though – these malays are a different class/breed amongst malays in Malaysia. As for Islam, I am a muslim and therefore I believe Islam is the best religion. That’s what believers of any particular religion believes about his/her religion otherwise he/she would not continue to be a true believer in his/her religion,right? But as a muslim, I am taught by my religion to respect everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs, and not to condemn them as lower humans. A muslim who condemns non-muslims as lower casts in any way is not a muslim who practice what he/she believes.

    Hear, hear.

    What is happening here is that UMNO malays is using or rather MISUSING race and religion to achieve their power hungry needs.

    Taking advantage of is more like it.

  2. KevinP says:

    I say.. I am honored.. 🙂

    A more composed me today think about it from a different perspective really. Why UMNO-PAS Selangor Government is for unity and not betrayal of electorate as well as bribery and corruption of the highest order?

    Why is it that PR’s call for MPs to crossover then is a betrayal of electorate as well as bribery and corruption?

    But my gut feel is this, this statement is a red herring. Its meant to take people’s eyes away from their boo-boo in the Anwar and his DNA fiasco.
    It’s quite different after giving ourselves some time to think about things, I have to agree with you. My blind anger yesterday has mellowed today.

  3. Kathy says:

    It is sad to see the beautiful tourism advertisements that highlights our diversity and various cultures in Malaysia as one of the main drawing points but in reality, the politicians are dividing the country with racism and religion.

    Khir Toyo and his “impians” can remain his impians. I am glad to say that the Speaker for the Selangor State Government can fluently put Toyo in his place at every meeting with the use of BM language. He has already wasted so much of the States’ coffers and now his account must be running dry that he is finding ways to get money.

    All the mainstream media should stop using the term “Malays” and “Non-Malays”. If the mainstream media wants to keep playing such racial games, then we should sent them back to their “so-called homeland” (MCA members back to China???)

    They are also fanning the racial issue each time they use those terms. It seems that they need Gingko to boost their memories (or need the new chip from Intel to boost their memories??) that we are all Bangsa Malaysia.

  4. Patricia says:

    I really loved this posting. It resounds in my heart with the hopes and dreams I’ve had for me and mine in Malaysia.

    And it is so true, what you say: We should celebrate our diversity. This is what makes us special and vibrant and exciting. How sad that it is all being devalued with this talk of ‘unity’, when it is anything but!

    Race and religion is used and abused here in political manipulation, and people keep falling for it. After 50 years, that is indeed sad!


  5. warrior2 says:

    Who is Khir? Is he the administration? He is like the rest of us and he expressed his personal thought in his blog just like you, me and minah, ahcong, murty, jonhhny.
    You wrote what you want, a dap chap wrote , a mca, an umno minah, a bebas jonhhny a murty mic or hindraf wrote what they thought should be the world and malayisa.

    Why la go berserk over the thought of someone like khir?

  6. Ilya says:

    Why Khir Toyo want to talk about muslim and malay issues right now?Last time when BN won more than two third majority,he or other BN member never bother about malay and muslim… Why now? Are they afraid that Pakatan Rakyat become stronger and stronger?BN must know,if BN want to see all malay unite as one,i would like to give my advise to BN,Why don’t they join Pakatan Rakyat?So,Khir Toyo….any comment?

  7. 2 cents says:

    spot on..all the more we should be extremely careful in who we elect to represent us in government…it seems every so-called “malay” half-malays e.g mamaks, indon-malays etc..etc..are trying to project themselves as more malay than the real malays in malaysia.

  8. Oldstock says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I stopped reading Khir Toyo’s blog a long time ago. I posted a few comments, written in a fair and constructive manner. The comments were published but they drew no response. So its mostly one-way traffic… kira macam syok sendiri jugak la.

    My impression is that he keeps a blog to maintain himself `in the loop’, so to speak. To keep himself active in the mind of the UMNO grassroots and younger generation. Seems to me that he has ambitions for the UMNO Youth Head post…
    Yea.. I have gotten some advice to just stop reading rubbish.

  9. tempatan says:

    This Indonesian called Khir Toyo is just joining the others from his category in playing the racial card – its the ‘in’ thing now. I never realized that the Malays were disunited until our beloved politicians pointed it out. Wow, the Malays are so disunited aren’t they? They don’t all support UMNO! Some support PAS, others PKR etc. Unity is only in terms of political affiliation. Only by bringing them into the UMNO fold will they be united. They have no right to individual expression, leave alone affiliation. By golly, can’t you see they are so disunited they are fighting in the streets, at home, in public places, at work? Boy, are they disunited!

    By the way, I have a confession to make – I am a shameless, equality extremist.

  10. rajraman666 says:

    I did promised to come back and read.
    This i love.
    Indian Muslim – MALAY
    Sabahan Muslim – MALAY.
    (Just wondering how this people can change DNA-is the king of molecules) by become Muslim and claim they are Malay.


    Its all about power and money I assume.The DNA of MALAY EXPIRED-(never expired but rojak BUAH,MEE OR WHATEVER ROJAK FOR SALE TO MAKE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

    rajraman666.MY DNA DEVIL666 BUT PURE BRED MALAYSIAN and i am racist to the GOD.

  11. rajraman666 says:

    I think you are still in NZ – so your moderation hour is run off time.

    rajraman666.Malaysian time posting 1.45pm friday 25.07.08.And i am not extremist to the creator but just confused because to many GOD around split the mankind.
    Yes, rajraman, my time is according to NZ time.

  12. Abi Ayyub says:

    Actually I would not even bother to comment on this guy whom I categorise by “broom” and “tempe” (if one were to recall his most famous link).

    Anyway, this guy and his party thinks they represent us the Malays, unfortunately they do not. All of us should accept the fact that as Malaysian, we have our own special rights. As much as we should support our own kind, right is right and wrong is wrong. So when someone says anything that are just racist, malay, chinese, indian or what ever, please do not group them as representing the race or even the religion.

    Until we decide to give up our citizenship of Malaysia, we should always remember this is our land. Should you decide othewise, than where does your loyalty goes to.

    Remember, the govenment of the day is not Malaysia itself, they are the administrator of the land until the day comes where the actual BOSS comes back to work and decide to maintain or change a new one. We came close this PRU12, maybe … PRU13.

  13. tohnichi says:

    impian pasti tinggal impian, kuburkan impian, saksikan kenyataan………….

  14. Francis Xavier says:

    Khir Toyo like Mahathir has to be more Malay to hide their insecurities and fears as they are pseudo Malays. It is a compensating defence mechanism.

    Viewed as such he is a non starter as he does not sincerely love this nation nor the Malays, much less the other races. He is in for the ride on the gravy train.Thats all, so leave him be. let sleeping dogs lie.

  15. teresa....kok kak... says:

    who an idiot is going to join pakatan…anyhow like all of u bloggers says i thing pakatan , pas and dap leaders like old man lim kit siang should join umno bcoz it is the save when u all stay under one roof…umno and bn will always be one….and no one can change fact.anwar is goin down to his own grave…

  16. AA says:

    Well, looks like Anwar has to thank Khir Toyo for spelling out so clearly how PKR plans to be fair and treat everyone justly.

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