Anwar, the media, and us

As I write this, it is now 6pm Malaysian time.

I first found out about the  medical report on Saiful which stated that he was never sodomised, on Malaysia-Today this morning, at 4:56am Malaysian time. It has been a 13 hour gap between then and now.

Malaysiakini reported this at approx 1:01pm today. It has been a 5 hour gap since then till now.

Malaysiakini had their news updated at 4:50pm. It has been about an hour’s gap since then till now.

Malaysian Insider had a news article on it at about 4pm. Two hours between then and now.

TheSun has an article updated 5:32pm. Half an hour from then till now.

The Star: nadda
NST: nadda
Bernama: nadda

My question is: why?

Malaysiakini has already authenticated the medical report:

A senior Pusrawi official told malaysiakini this morning that the hospital had launched an internal investigation on how Saiful’s medical report was leaked, which is widely considered as a major infringement of patient privacy.

When malaysiakini showed him a copy of the report, he refused to return it saying, “It’s our document.”

Taken from Din Merican’s blog HERE.

What are they afraid of, the people from The Star and NST and Bernama?

Not even Wong Chun Wai’s personal blog carries any such news item.

Have the papers not learnt anything? Don’t they know that speed is something that they cannot lose out on when reporting on items like this?

This is very similar to the time when Balasubramaniam first came out with the first SD, linking Najib to Altantuya. None of the mainstream news portals reported on the issue, until the evening when Najib came out to deny all allegations.

The Star, NST and Bernama all reported on Najib denying the allegations, without reporting on the allegations prior to Najib’s press conference.

Am I to assume that they are not going to report on this at all until and unless Saiful makes a statement? Or until and unless any government official comes out to say that the medical report was fabricated? Or until and unless the IGP comes out to say that he knows nothing of it?

Must there be a denial of sorts from the government before this issue gets reported in the mainstream media?

I hope not. But it’s not looking good for them.

UPDATE: 6:15pm, NST has an article. Go HERE.

According to the report, the police say that whatever is being circulated on the Internet is yet another attempt to sabotage the investigations.

I guess it is true. Mainstream news portals need someone from the government to deny it before they can report on it.


And nor is this looking good for the police and the government.

I have been aptly reminded by several comments left around blogosphere, about something I once wrote when Bala came out with the first SD.

I said:

It’s not just about them. It’s about us. It’s about how we understand the situation at hand. It’s about how we, as a society, will handle this issue. It’s about how we react.

I have to admit, amidst all the cacophony, I have forgotten the most elementary part of the issue. It’s not only about vindicating Anwar. It’s not only about Saiful being un-sodomised.

It’s about how rotten the system has become. It’s about how we could have let it become the way it is. It’s about what we say, what we do, and where we stand from here on.

RPK ended his article with this:

Civil society movements, NGOs and the Malaysian Bar Council must not remain silent.

WE, the rakyat of Malaysia are the civil society. We cannot afford to remain silent anymore.

Lim Teck Ghee, Director of Centre for Policy Initiatives has this to say:

Further attempts at one sided or politically biased and manipulative handling of the case will cause the nation even more grievous damage than what has already been inflicted.

Taken also from Din Merican’s blog HERE.

Comments from Haris’ blog HERE:

This goes beyond Anwar. I think it is what we do as a nation that will matter. What we demand how far we want to go is what matters now. Telling the truth and standing for it at a time of universal deceit is what makes partiot get counted. We will have to demand the best of our nation and it is now. Keeping silent or standing aside is being part of the crimes being commited against our motherland. Abdul

How are we going to trust our system ever again. I think we all have to stand p and be counted. Inaction rather than opposition is the country’s worst enemy. arianna

This is beyond me. My reaction to this so far has been: What has Malaysia come to?

Are we being led by leaders who don’t lead? Are we being duped by reporters who don’t report? Are we being silenced by fear and paranoia? Are we being robbed by unfair policies? Are we being stepped on by rubbish politicians? Are we being spat at on the face by the very persons we voted into office?

Are we going to keep silent about all this? Are we going to say “I’ve had enough of this,” and simply turn our cheek? Are we going to slowly kill ourselves by thinking it has nothing to do with us?

Haris had this to say in reply to a comment:

Let this fight for equality reach to the highest heavens, I am up to the task, God-willing.

Question is, are you?

I am too.
Are YOU?

33 Comments on “Anwar, the media, and us”

  1. […] the rest of Michelle’s post HERE. Posted by Haris Ibrahim Filed in Free & Fair […]

  2. rajraman666 says:

    How are you?

    Dont get upset to much.
    Malaysia MSM workers is salary earner,so they need the greenlights from their Paymaster.
    This MSM is controlled by UMNO/MCA or a bit of mic.

    The rest you can follow up in (candleman) Haris Ibrahim.
    Take care Michelle – its a big boy game by warlords controlled by UMNO/BARISAN/ and the MULLAH.

    WCW – His personal blog for his soul but i think he doesnt have the soul in his blog because he already sold his soul to MCA.

    rajraman.just came to calm u down.
    just wondering are you in NZ or in Malaysia?
    Thank you rajraman.

    I’m still in NZ, will be here for quite some time.

  3. Antares says:

    Bravo, Michelle! Your forthrightness is invigorating, a real blast of very welcome good vibes. It has never been so clear what sort of twisted goons hold public office – imagine we the rakyat are paying their monthly wages!!!
    Unfortunately, they are aided and abetted by an influential cadre of rightwing entrepreneurial types who have become so addicted to their “successful lifestyle” they’re all terrified of Reformasi – and, therefore, Anwar Ibrahim. Same scenario as in the US lah. But we the people will definitely overcome… with more folks like you speaking out boldly. Cheers! 🙂
    Cheers. 🙂

  4. Antares says:

    Btw, I’m pleased to have found your blog via People’s Parliament. I’ll be blogrolling you anon. Perhaps you can return the favor? 😉
    No problemo!

  5. limau says:

    High time that the King has got to get involve.

  6. limau says:

    The way things are happening I would humbly request His Royal Highness to get involve.

  7. Good observation. Good blog. First time i come in here and i am attracted with your flair. Will drop by more to entertain myself.

  8. flyer168 says:

    Dear Michelle,

    You have a well researched & documented blogsite.

    Good on you for keeping track of the latest developments vs the MSM & the main media’s lethargy waiting for their Political Masters to Bark first.

    Cheers & keep up your great blogsite.

  9. doggone says:

    Hi Michelle,

    First time in, ain’t no way out.

    You’re so young and so politically inclined. Wish my daughter loves politics as much as I love her.

    Great job done with your blog here. Remember, don’t drain your brain from this bane of an insane land call Malaysia. We need back here to rebuild what morons can’t do.

    Will bookmark this site and drop by now and then to vent my frustration. Pentagenarian like me should really dampen their fiery ire, but that guy who sleep on the job just ignites me everytime I see his face. I can’t wait for the day the nation honor him by embalmment, and place him as a centerpiece at the foyer of our Museum Negara as an exibit under the ‘Luar Biasa’ category.

  10. malaysiancat28 says:

    Though we know that it is time for the Yang Di Pertuan Agong to step in to stop this craziness, but all of us need to be reminded that the King has somewhat lost its powers when TDM decided to remove the powers when Sultan of Johor was the King. So, UMNO managed to reduce the King’s authority and now they are enjoying the mess that they have created because of their greed.

  11. warrior2 says:

    Unlike blogs/bloggers who say what they want to say without much ado and for the need to certify and confirm any news, MSM has to do all that and much more.

    Lets see, when RPK first print a copy of the report, did he go to the Clinic and asked whether it was a genuine medical report? DID HE?

  12. KevinP says:

    “Hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil.” In reply to your question.. WHY?

  13. Blogreader says:

    The royal highness are sleeping..

  14. bangmalaysia says:

    You are truly a breath of fresh air in a system that has gone totally rotten. Yes we must carry on this fight to the highest heaven and I hope all bloggers will take up the call.

  15. AL says:

    Excellent post.

    Would like to feature your post in our news website
    and link our readers to your blog.

    All the best.
    No problem

  16. mel says:

    Enjoyed the writeup, great questions raised and love the highlight on the system. I’ve never been more interested in Malaysian politics until recently. Keep the updates going!


  17. jerry says:

    Typical of the Malaysian BN politician,they know how to steal;but dont know to hide the act of theft;stupid like pigs I should say;its high time for a complete revamp f this nation*s political mess;PDRM & ACA & judiciary included!

  18. humm says:

    Fuyohhh.. great stufff. Let’s revamp everything. Let’s get instant news. Someone fart and we can hear immediately. Let’s the Agong to step in and all will be alright tomorrow. Good observation, good blog. All also goooodddd. Grow up! Some common sense please. Nothing is immediate. I see DrM case in Kelantan only going to be heard after two years now! How come nobody shouting unfair. We want everything now, free, quality, tranparent, democracy … bla bla bla … AND are we, we just sit and EXPECT it as if it is our birth right! Fuyohhhh…

  19. Jerry says:

    Why should the MSM talk so much ? After all, all about one man whose blood has gone to the wrong head and the entire nation goes bananas with me just to cover up.

    Has he forgotten that one lie will lead to more lies??

  20. Smiley says:

    Your topic is good reading material with regards to MSM in Malaysia. However, people of Malaysia are quite used to this system called perfect Malaysia as far as MSM inclusive TV3 is concern.

    They are alway in the good portraying mood as far as government machinery is concern. Offcourse on the contrary when it comes to opposition. If you watch TV3 at prime time news at 8pm, the headline will be either positive goody goody news about current leadership or rotten news about opposition leadership,

    This is the style of MSM Malaysia.

    If not for internet online news portals and independent news sites, I think the Malaysian public will forever be taken for a ride.

    Thanks to internet access news , we are able to know the true picture of events taking place this very minute.

  21. humm says:

    Thanks to the internet access news, we are able to know the ‘true’ picture of events taking place this very minute. Isn’t that a big leap of faith. OK then, which sites tells the truth? The one that you think is right? What about many others than do not agree with you? Don’t be so gullible. Go and visit all the sites. One common thing happening is that people with same opinion clog together. Bird of equal feather flock together? After some time, they tend to stop thinking. They just agree. You can’t find a decent site that have healthy argument. And we blame the government! I bet that if the same bunch of people were elected, they will be equally bad if not worst. They just cannot accept others opinion. Common guys, let not others think for you.
    I cannot say that you are wrong, because there is in fact an immense “flocking”, if I may, happening, especially more so on blogs.

    You’re more than welcome to voice your side of an argument.

    Anyway, if you’re looking for alternative views (different from mine), I suggest mana-mana. For me, reading some of his views help me put some things into perspective. We may not share the same opinion, but we have, more or less, agreed to disagree.

  22. Vijay Kumar says:

    Must there be a denial of sorts from the government before this issue gets reported in the mainstream media?

    I hope not. But it’s not looking good for them.

    The problem is Michelle, its the way in which denials are done, many a time the denials are done in a way that draws cynicism and invites further speculation.
    Ironically the ones who tell us not to speculate are the ones who are fueling the fire.

    The MSM has lost their credibilty long ago as to unbiased reporting.

    In the last elections Barisan Nasional garnered 4,082,411 of the popular votes,thats 50.27%.
    This means that half the population fell for their propoganda.

    I did not have to wait for this revelation to know thw charges were trumped up, just look at the kind of denials given by Saifuls family that were published in the MSM

    Charles Tremper once quoted :
    “Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning.”

  23. beranibaca says:

    politic.??? wish you all can be good politicians who can make your country better and loved by your peoples…
    would you visit my blog and read some of my articles, i wish after your read my articles, you can be a good politician.. hehehe.
    see you….

  24. Dear Michelle

    Good writeup.
    So, why and how is the system allowed to rot for soooooo long?
    It’s not like the devil has threatened to castrate all the 20000 employees of mainstream media
    or the 200000 members of the police force
    or the 13000 members of the bar council
    Dont worry, bloggers are exempt.
    For the moment.

  25. siva says:

    I AM!
    how can I help?
    Just do not sit quiet. Speak out.

  26. merchant222 says:

    7 Branches of MCA voiced out their “concern” on this issue today. Since when has MCA or MIC or Gerakan been so caring? The UMNO running dogs are IRRELEVANT today.

    You running dogs of UMNO, you want to show us you are concerned, LEAVE BARISAN and let UMNO sodomize PAS tomorrow. If not, just shut up cos the Malaysians of today will not believe you guys. MCA & Gerakan sodomized the Chinese. MIC sodomized the Indians. Get it???

  27. James says:

    What I can see is the M’sian Government has gone too far in framing Anwar and got itself into deep shit. They cannot back from this and will try to come out with silly explanations to fool the Rakyat. Even with the release of the medical report, they still are pressing on to charge Anwar. Want to know why? They are all out, our rotten system to prevent Anwar from running by-election that will allow him into Parliament.

  28. Muda says:

    Cari makan ma ! You scratch my back , I’ll rip of your rice bowl . BTW , I’m not too articulate in pushing my ideas but I do love putting my two cents worth of opinion whenever and wherever possible . See ya ! ok .

  29. james chua says:


    Thanks for your contribution to make Malaysia a better place for all of us.

    Indeed, ANWAR is running a losing battle with the Malaysiam Mainstream Media.

    But in the heart and soul of almost non muslim Malaysians, he is our Leader, and the only one we can put the hopes that we will be treated equal in our own countries.

    The only non muslims that will not support ANWAR are our own countrymen in MCA and Gerakan; a coalition of crooks and leeches out to garner wealth for themselves. It is a damn shame and irony that ANWAR has to take the heat and face the incredible suffering to take our government to task for discriminating against its citizens.

    You know what I call the MCA – the Malaysian Coward Association. When UMNO was branding kris in our face, they were silent as running dogs. When Anwar stands up for us, they cannot applaud but only know how to collaborate with UMNO to silence ANWAR. Now when ANWAR gets a copy of Doctor Osman’s report, the Health Minister, from MCA complains about Client’s privacy. WHAT about ANWAR’S ? MCA DONT CARE. All MCA care for it projects and money for themselves.

    ANWAR has given hope to the Minorities in Malaysia. And his support from the Minorities is fanatical. And the storm is coming …..

    Like you, I lived in KIWILAND for quite some time. Hope you enjoy it. But no matter how, you will come home, because it is your first love.

    Take care and keep the good work. God Bless n chow.

  30. The shit has long since hit the fan. The cesspool has overflowed long since too.

    There is nothing more to lose. the world is laughing at us. The country has lost its maruah. What else?

    Corruption, persecution, diabolic agendas, shameless scheming, — you name it we have it!

    And we call this leadership?

    Well, the future of this nation now rests in palms of us caring citizens, not the politicians.

    I believe millions will march when the game the powers that be play, gets ugliest.

  31. GeoGeo says:

    Well done Young Lady.

    Continue your factual writings, I enjoy reading them and will be around always.



  32. vinod says:

    You are right when you say this is way beyond Anwar. The entire system i so screwed up that i wonder why the Royals are keeping quiet.

    As for me, what i am doing now is spreading the word to my friends and family but even with that i feel damn angry and powerless…i apologise for being rude but i can’t help but saying Malaysia is truly a Pariah State now.

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